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7investing and CryptoEQ: Tesla, Bitcoin, and Coinbase Going Public

February 22, 2021 Advisor: 7investing Team
Advisor Update Date: February 2021

7investing and CryptoEQ recently announced a partnership, to help investors get a better consolidated view of the opportunities in both equities and in cryptocurrencies. 7investing provides its top seven stock market recommendations every month, while CryptoEQ provides its top-rated cryptocurrencies.

The two companies are now joining forces on a monthly basis, to discuss the most important recent developments taking place and the impact they’ll have on both equities and crypto. This past month, that conversation included a discussion about Tesla’s “audacious” commitment to buy $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin for its corporate treasury, as well as Coinbase coming public at a valuation of up to $75 billion.

Going forward, 7investing will publish the full video of these conversations to subscribers as a monthly Advisor Update. CryptoEQ will publish a written recap of the conversation with additional context in their monthly subscriber email newsletter.

We’ve also decided that we’ll be providing this first episode for free! We hope you enjoy the show and our takeaways as a part of our 7investing podcast series. If you’d like to gain access future shows, please consider becoming a subscriber by visiting 7investing.com/subscribe or cryptoeq.io/#memberships.