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Now this is an interesting development — SOFI striking a multi-year partnership with LA Chargers Quarterback Justin Herbert. The deal includes giving Herbert an undisclosed equity stake in the company as well as appearing in their new brand campaign and TV spot.

Not exactly a game-changer, of course. But as the former CFO of the NFL, SoFi CEO Anthony Noto knows firsthand the value of such a deal. Name of the game at this point is to drive brand awareness and highlight SoFi’s superior offerings to legacy banks. I like it.

What: Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM) has reported >95% utilization for it 7 nanometer process tech platform. That’s a sign that demand is strong from customers for its most cutting-edge chip production.

Impact: This flies in the face of industry pundits, who are saying there’s an upcoming overcapacity in the typically-cyclical chip industry. Taiwan Semi has the IP to manufacture the world’s most cutting-edge chips. We’ll watch for its new Gate All-Around (GAA) tech to drive even smaller process nodes in the future.

More: Here’s a podcast that showcases the changes taking shape in the chip world. The Transistor Age of Quantum Computing With Tiernan Ray

What: News this morning that the Fed’s increasing interest rates again. Powell wants to get inflation back to 2%, preferably without throwing the US into a recession.

Impact: The rising interest rates means money is harder to come by and business will need to slow their expansion plans (or even lay off their staff). I’m interested right now in companies with really high Returns on Invested Capital like $MSCI. And avoiding those who are lighting money on unproven new ventures like $SNAP.