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Advisor Who Beat the Market by 2,145%: Buy These 20 Stocks Now

Discover why the best way to instantly get a portfolio of 20 potential ‘multibaggers’ for the next bull run is with 7investing’s “Strong Buy” Portfolio.

Hi, I’m Simon Erickson.

Here to tell you how my team and I are setting ourselves up to maximize our profits during the inevitable market rebound.

The COVID-19 pandemic turned out to be the perfect buying opportunity. Stocks like Tesla (TSLA), Sunrun (RUN), and Magnite (MGNI) surged 700%, 647%, and 515% from the S&P 500’s bottom on March 23, 2020.

And had you put just $1,000 in each of the top 20 performing stocks of 2020 on that day you’d have turned that $20,000 stake into a cool $100,000 by the end of the year.

Making a total return of 395% in less than 9 months might sound incredible. But it really just boils down to one thing: Buy great stocks when they are low.

And right now is the perfect time for you to do just that.

We’ve methodically found our 20 highest-conviction ideas from all of our previous recommendations and we’ve pulled them together for you into a single portfolio.

At 7investing, we’re on the lookout for the stock market’s best opportunities for long-term investors. Each month, our advisors select their highest conviction publicly-traded companies and put them on our recommendation scorecard.

Over time, they monitor their selections, and the very best of those companies retain a “Strong Buy” conviction rating.

And by joining us today, you won’t just get 1 stock with the potential to rise 200%, 300%, even 500% or more. You’ll get 20 of them.

The 7investing team and I founded our service in 2020 to empower all investors to own the right stocks at the right time without all the frills. Pointing you to truly disruptive companies at the bleeding edge of their industries primed to make investors rich in the process.

Even my own record speaks for itself.

The 48 picks I made with my team as lead advisor of my previous stock recommendation service averaged a 59% absolute gain and collectively outperformed the S&P 500 by 2,145% over its history.

You can do it too. Now is the perfect time to buy your own portfolio of winning stocks.

And by joining 7investing today for just $7, you’ll instantly gain full access to our portfolio of 20 “Strong Buy Stocks risk-free for 30 days.

Stocks like…

  • Stock #1 is powering the trillion-dollar artificial intelligence revolution.

  • Stock #2 is a key player in modernizing drug development in a way that could revolutionize health care as  we know it.

  • Stock #3 is enabling a new “currency of the internet”  in the digital age.

Plus 17 other potential multi-bagger stocks. One of which just surged 36% in a single day and that we believe is just getting started at making its investors enormous profits.

So what are you waiting for?

Once inside you’ll have instant access to the full 20 Stock “Strong Buy” Portfolio complete with our full analysis.

See you inside,

Simon Erickson
7investing Founder and CEO