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Predicting Market Downturns with YCharts’ Connor Kitko

Sep 27, 2022

Is it possible to see stock market downturns developing in advance? YCharts' Connor Kitko describes 7 indicators that investors should be aware of.


What’s Up With Upstart?

Sep 22, 2022

Upstart's stock has been all over the map this past year. Now at $25/share, is it an opportunity for investors?

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What is a “High Quality” Business?

Sep 22, 2022


SNAP and the Fragile State of Digital Advertising

Sep 20, 2022

Snapchat's stock has been silenced by the market this year. Is the company an opportunity or a landmine for investors?

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Why Simon Chose His Top Stock for September

Sep 11, 2022


What’s QuantumScape Worth? Here’s the Investing Bull Case

Sep 6, 2022

This innovative battery maker could be crucial to the future of electric vehicles. But it has to commercialize a product first.


Simon’s Top Stock for September 2022

Sep 1, 2022

7investing Lead Advisor Simon Erickson’s Top Stock to Buy in September 2022 has a “razor-and-blades” business model that’s gushing cash flows for its investors.


The Third Biologic Revolution with Vaxxinity CEO Mei Mei Hu

Aug 30, 2022

7investing CEO Simon Erickson and lead advisor Dana Abramovitz chat with Vaxxinity CEO Mei Mei Hu. Mei Mei describes how her company is taking a disruptive approach to develop vaccines to prevent...


Who’s Winning in Digital Advertising With Brad Freeman

Aug 18, 2022

On today's 7investing podcast, 7investing CEO Simon Erickson chats with Brad Freeman about the winners and losers in digital advertising and two leaders in financial services.


Weathering the Storm with ProcureAM’s Andrew Chanin

Aug 16, 2022

On today's 7investing podcast, 7investing CEO Simon Erickson chats with Andrew Chanin, the co-founder and CEO of Procure Asset Management to discuss Procure AM's new Disaster Recovery Strategy ETF.


Investing in Disruption #5: Technology Supply vs Market Demand

Aug 5, 2022

In the 5th and final part of Simon's new series on Disruptive Innovation, he explains how a company's technology should match what the market is asking it for.


Investing in Disruption #4: Capabilities Define Disabilities

Aug 4, 2022

In Part 4 of Simon's new series on Disruptive Innovation, he explains how an organization's culture can often hinder it from adapting to disruptive competitors.


Investing in Disruption #3: Markets That Don’t Exist Can’t Be…

Aug 3, 2022

In Part 3 of Simon's new series on Disruptive Innovation, he explains why being the first to take the leap into new markets can be challenging but also rewarding.


Investing in Disruption #2: Small Markets Don’t Solve Growth Needs

Aug 2, 2022

In Part 2 of Simon's new series on Disruptive Innovation, he explains why large businesses who overlook smaller customers may find themselves displaced in the future.


Investing in Disruption #1: Theory of Resource Dependence

Aug 1, 2022

In Part 1 of Simon's new series on Disruptive Innovation, he explains why CEOs of large companies are less in charge of decisions than they might believe.


Simon’s Top Stock for August 2022

Aug 1, 2022

7investing Lead Advisor Simon Erickson’s Top Stock to Buy in August 2022 is a disruptive innovator whose stock offers a unique opportunity for investors.


Unsustainable Yields, DeFi’s Triumph, and Checking In On Jack Dorsey…

Jul 19, 2022

The lead advisors of 7investing and CryptoEQ host a monthly conversation for subscribers to better understand how cryptocurrencies and equities are colliding. In this month's "Collision Course", the...


The Global Macro with The Notetaker

Jul 15, 2022

Brothers Vishal and Rishi Daryanani have a skill and a passion for deciphering the global macroeconomic puzzle. In today's podcast, they share what it all will mean for investors.


Gaming, Stock-Based Comp, and Market Volatility with Chit Chat Money

Jul 12, 2022

Ryan Henderson and Brett Schafer of Chit Chat Money discuss stock-based compensation, the gaming industry, and market volatility with 7investing CEO Simon Erickson.


Taiwan Semi’s Race to Stay a Step Ahead

Jul 3, 2022

Semiconductor manufacturing is getting intensely competitive. Is Taiwan Semi still in the driver's seat?


Simon’s Top Stock for July 2022

Jul 1, 2022

7investing Lead Advisor Simon Erickson’s Top Stock to Buy in July 2022 is a first mover in an important market who is executing incredibly well.


Are Things Finally Improving in the Stock Market?

Jun 27, 2022

2022 has been a challenging year for investors. Yet in his June CEO Letter, Simon Erickson shares some optimism with investors and two stocks who might emerge stronger from the market's recent storm.


Understanding Short Selling with ORTEX’s Evan Niu

Jun 23, 2022

ORTEX analyst Evan Niu describes what it means to short a stock and how several related metrics could be interesting for investors. He and 7investing CEO Simon Erickson also take a closer look at...


The State of the Stock Market

Jun 14, 2022

The 7investing team recently hosted a 30-minute conversation to chat about the current state of the stock market and how investors should think about it. Current market volatility can rattle even the...


Simon’s Top Stock for June 2022

Jun 1, 2022

7investing Lead Advisor Simon Erickson’s top stock to buy in June 2022 has “some of the strongest competitive advantages he’s ever seen” in a publicly-traded company.


The Digital Transformation is Underway with GigaOm CEO Ben Book

May 31, 2022

GigaOm CEO Ben Book describes how larger companies are embracing the digital transformation and deploying new technologies within their enterprise, as well as several developing trends that are...


Investing in the Final Frontier with Andrew Chanin and Micah…

May 26, 2022

The commercial space economy is continuing its successful launch! Businesses are finding innovative new ways to set up shop in orbit, and Andrew Chanin and Micah Walter-Range are similarly finding...


Affirm Extends Partnership With Shopify But Uncertainties Remain

May 23, 2022

The Buy Now Pay Later pioneer reported solid growth in revenue and merchandise volume. But questions remain about the struggling American economy.


Advertising’s Digital Future with PubMatic CEO Rajeev Goel

May 17, 2022

PubMatic CEO Rajeev Goel shares his thoughts on the future of the advertising industry with 7investing lead advisors Simon Erickson and Luke Hallard.


LIVE from the 7investing Discord: Stocks on our Radar

May 16, 2022

Join 7investing Lead Advisors Simon Erickson, Dana Abramovitz, Steve Symington, and Luke Hallard for a fun, interactive conversation as each team member brings a stock to the table that is currently...


What’s on the Horizon for Stocks in 2022?

May 12, 2022

7investing CEO Simon Erickson shares his thoughts about the risks and opportunities that investors face in 2022.


Investing in the Stock Market in 2022 with Puru Saxena

May 11, 2022

Retired money manager Puru Saxena shares his thoughts with 7investing CEO Simon Erickson about inflation, interest rates, and what's on the horizon for the stock market in 2022 (and beyond).


Just Keep Buying With Nick Maggiulli

May 5, 2022

Ritholtz Wealth Management COO Nick Maggiulli shares advice on how to save money and compound wealth over time.


Simon’s Top Stock for May 2022

May 1, 2022

7investing Lead Advisor Simon Erickson’s top stock to buy in May 2022 is an innovator in digital advertising.


Netflix’s Past, Present, and Future

Apr 28, 2022

7investing lead advisors Anirban Mahanti and Simon Erickson teamed up with TheStreet's Managing Editor (and former 7investing advisor) Dan Kline in a special "Netflix's Past, Present, and Future"...


Netflix is Down 50% in April. Is It Now a…

Apr 27, 2022

Netflix's stock has gone into a free fall. What should investors expect, going forward?


The Transistor Age of Quantum Computing with Tiernan Ray

Apr 26, 2022

Is quantum computing about to revolutionize the world, or is it just another science experiment that's perpetually out-of-reach? The Technology Letter's Tiernan Ray shares his thoughts about on the...


Investing in Secular Trends and Fundamentals With Dillon Valdez

Apr 19, 2022

Individual investor Dillon Valdez chats with 7investing's Simon Erickson about several developing trends he sees globally and the companies he is investing in to profit from them.