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Recent Insights/Interviews

Can Big Tech Disrupt Healthcare?

A lot of major players believe they will be able to make an impact.

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Has the Pandemic Brought Any Long-term Changes to Healthcare?

COVID-19 basically shut down normal life for over a year.

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Can Technology Fix American Health Care With 7investing Advisor Dana Abramovitz

7investing advisor Dana Abramovitz chats with 7investing CEO Simon Erickson about the bigger-picture changes taking place in American health care. She offers insight from her recent special report on how to diagnose (and then fix) the ailments of this $4 trillion massive industry.

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Planning for Retirement with Ryan Krueger, CEO of Freedom Day Solutions

In this conversation, 7investing Lead Advisor Matthew Cochrane sits down with Ryan Krueger, the co-founder and CEO of Freedom Day Solutions, a family-owned and operated financial advisory firm located in Houston.

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Growth Stocks’ Rebound Might Be Just Getting Started

Steve believes the long-term investing theses for several growth-style investments are still very firmly intact.

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Can Better Antibodies Challenge Cell Therapy?

Although investors are excited about CAR-T and NK cell therapy, bispecific antibodies get much less attention. Don't overlook this emerging therapeutic modality.

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Taking the Pulse of America’s Economy: Inflation, Job Migration, and Bitcoin-ization

In this month's Advisor Update, Simon takes a look at some important events taking place in America's macroeconomic picture.

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7investing and CryptoEQ in June: Colonial Pipeline, El Salvador, and Coinbase

The lead advisors of 7investing and CryptoEQ are hosting monthly calls for subscribers to get a better understanding of the collision of cryptocurrencies and equities. In this month's "Collision Course" conversation, the teams provide key takeaways from the Bitcoin 2021 conference, dig into the recent Colonial Pipeline ransom, discuss how El Salvador has recognized Bitcoin as legal tender, and share thoughts about Coinbase.

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Exercise – Invest in Your Good Health!

Whether you join a gym, go for a walk, ride your bike, or dance around your living room, exercise is a good long-term investment in your physical and mental health.

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