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Growth Style Investing with 7investing CEO Simon Erickson

This growth-style investing approach is exactly what is preferred by 7investing founder and CEO Simon Erickson. In a conversation with Robert Leonard of Millennial Investing, Simon describes his investing process and what it means to be a growth-style investor. He explains the drivers of why stock prices go up (or down) over time, the role of leadership in valuation, and a few landmines investors should always avoid.

Recent Insights/Interviews

7investing and CryptoEQ in April: The $2 Trillion Milestone, Coinbase Goes Public, and Crypto Innovators

7investing and CryptoEQ are now hosting monthly calls for subscribers to get a better understanding of the collision of cryptocurrencies and equities. This month, the teams discuss crypto's overall market cap, Coinbase's upcoming direct listing, and several companies who are ahead of the curve in adopting cryptocurrencies.

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Is Quantum Computing About to Disrupt Everything?

Quantum computing is about to make a quantum leap in the commercial world. Is it worth the risk for investors?

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Is Value the New Growth?

Value stocks have drastically outperformed tech-centric growth plays in recent months. But don't give up on growth just yet.

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The Changing Face of Retail with Dan Kline

7investing's very own Dan Kline chats with Simon Erickson about changes taking place in the retail industry.

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Can Amazon, Apple, or Google Disrupt the Healthcare Market?

Big tech has the money and major incentive to disrupt healthcare and they can start with their own employees as a test lab of sorts.

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What Is the Future of Value-based Healthcare?

While nobody knows what the future of healthcare will be, it's very clear that some major changes are going on. Simon Erickson explores how value will play a role.

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What’s next for mRNA?

Most Americans had never heard of mRNA before the COVID-19 vaccines, but it has been worked on for over 30 years.

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Running with Scissors: Will CRISPR be Humbled in the Clinic?

The future is bright for CRISPR systems, but maybe less so for CRISPR gene editing. Either way, there's a long (and potentially painful) road ahead.

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Meet the First Public Quantum Computing Company

There's now a publicly-traded quantum computing company. What does that mean?

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