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Recent Insights/Interviews

Simon’s Top Stock for June

7investing advisor Simon Erickson's Top Stock for June is a fast-growing technology company who's making massive changes to the digital advertising industry.

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Austin’s Top Stock for June

Austin Lieberman's Top Stock for June is helping to secure their customers' most sensitive data.

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Steve’s Top Stock for June

7investing advisor Steve Symington's Top Stock for June is an innovative tech company playing a central enabling role in a high-growth industry.

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Matt’s Top Stock for June

7investing advisor Matthew Cochrane's Top Stock for June is an international leader who benefits from powerful network effects.

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Podcast #10: The Market’s Rally, “All-Time Highs”, and the Next Generation

In our tenth 7investing podcast, the team discusses the market's recent rally, stocks hitting 52-week highs with room to run, and how to help get your kids interested in investing.

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Podcast #9: eSports with Roundhill Investments CEO Will Hershey

7investing lead advisor Austin Lieberman interviews Roundhill Investments CEO Will Hershey about the growing opportunity for eSports and online gaming.

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Podcast #8: How to Use Financial Statements (Investing 101 Vol. 2)

7investing lead advisors Austin Lieberman and Simon Erickson describe the financial statements, and what investors should look for to make them the most valuable.

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Investing in Tech’s Critical Infrastructure with Sean O’Hara

7investing founder Simon Erickson chats with Pacer ETFs President Sean O'Hara about how investors can creatively get exposure to the digital transformation. Sean believes data infrastructure companies, such as datacenter real estate and cell phone tower operators, will be necessary to support the world's largest developing technology trends.

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Podcast #7: Big Tech’s Big Earnings

7investing lead advisors Steve Symington and Matthew Cochrane dive into the implications of several of the biggest quarterly reports we've seen so far this earnings season, answering listener questions along the way.

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