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Recent Insights/Interviews

Podcast #32: The Space Economy with Former NASA Astronaut Dr. Sandy Magnus

We're revisiting one of our favorite interviews this month! 7investing founder Simon Erickson chats with former NASA astronaut Dr. Sandy Magnus about the space economy, colonizing other planets, and what it's like living four months on the International Space Station.

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Podcast #31: The Gift of Failure with Jessica Lahey

7investing lead advisor Austin Lieberman chats with New York Times best-selling author Jessica Lahey about education and parenting during the COVID pandemic.

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Growing a Technology Company with Oxio Co-Founder & Early Fastly Director of Product Jason Evans

7investing lead advisor Austin Lieberman chats with Jason Evans, who is the co-founder of Oxio and previous served as Fastly's Director of Product. The two discuss how to scale a technology company to take advantage of market opportunities.

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Podcast #29: High Growth Software Investing

7investing lead advisor Austin Lieberman chats with SoftwareStackInvesting's Peter Offringa and hhhypergrowth's Matthew Eash about several of the most exciting things taking shape in cloud computing.

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Podcast #28: Growing as an Investor with Sullimar Capital’s Bill Brewster

7investing advisor Matt Cochrane recently spoke with Sullimar Capital's Bill Brewster about the different styles of investing and how to continually improve as a stock market analyst.

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Simon’s Top Stock for September

7investing advisor Simon Erickson's Top Stock for September is rewriting the rules of healthcare with a disruptive approach that could benefit massively in a $3 trillion industry.

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Maxx’s Top Stock for September

7investing advisor Maxx Chatsko's Top Stock for September is expanding patient access to innovative biologic drugs. It's a great example of a business doing well by doing good.

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Steve’s Top Stock for September

7investing advisor Steve Symington's Top Stock for September is using AI to make waves in a long-established industry worth trillions.

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Matt’s Top Stock for September

7investing lead advisor Matthew Cochrane's stock recommendation for September is a company with a deep and wide economic moat that will protect its core business for years to come.

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