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Investing in Tech’s Biggest Trends with GigaOm CEO Ben Book

What does the "digital transformation" really mean? GigaOm CEO Ben Book and 7investing CEO Simon Erickson take a closer look inside today's biggest technology trends.

Recent Insights/Interviews

Opportunity Knocks (2021 Edition)

Steve Symington argues how the recent drawdown in high-growth stocks has created opportunities for patient stock pickers in today's market.

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A Deep Dive Into the Growth Stock Selloff

The 7investing team dives into why growth stocks are selling off and what that means for long-term investors.

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The Psychedelics Trip Comes Full Circle

Psychedelics are increasingly making their way into FDA trials. What could this mean for investors?

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Why I’m (Mostly) Not Worried About Rising Prices

Americans are paying more for everything from cars to food and even appliances.

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The Movie Business Has Changed Forever

The pandemic has changed how people consumed entertainment and part of that change is permanent.

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Discovering Innovative Companies with Marcelo Lima

In this conversation, 7investing Lead Advisor Matthew Cochrane sits down with Marcelo Lima, the founder and managing partner of Heller House. The two discuss his evolution from a Warren Buffett-type value investor to an investor who instead seeks out the world's most innovative companies.

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Why Are Tech Stocks Getting Hit So Hard?

The market has hit tech stocks pretty hard but that does not change our long-term view on these companies.

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Oh My … My Portfolio Is Down Big Time!

A sneak peek into how Anirban's Charles Schwab account is doing right now ...

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Are Hypergrowth Technology Stocks Expensive?

Hypergrowth stocks are expensive but long-term investors can still generate market-beating returns owning them. We explain how we can beat the odds which seem to be stacked against us because of premium valuations. And in the process of outlining an investment approach, we also present a framework for thinking about valuations and returns.

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