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The Psychology of Money with Morgan Housel

Morgan Housel is a partner of the Collaborative Fund and has spoken about behavioral finance at conferences all across the globe. He is also the author of The Psychology of Money, which shares several lessons about long-term success in investing and in life. Napoleon’s quote is prominently displayed on the very first page of his book. In an exclusive interview with 7investing, Morgan brings a goldmine of advice and information to help investors. We organize a wealth of knowledge into seven themes (it had to be 7!), where Morgan provides his overall thoughts, cites several historical examples, and provides the most important investing takeaways.

Recent Insights/Interviews

Welcome to 7investing!

Founder and CEO Simon Erickson welcomes you to 7investing.

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Investing in the Future of Technology with Evan Knowles

Wayne Gretsky used to say "skate to where the puck is going to be." 7investing CEO Simon Erickson chats with technology evangelist Evan Knowles about how to invest in three of the market's most innovative sectors.

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The Future of Entertainment

The movie business has been crushed by the pandemic, and it wasn’t doing all that well beforehand. Join 7investing Lead Advisors Steve Symington and Dan Kline as they dig into the current sad state of live entertainment, and look at what might happen to the movie industry specifically. They also break down just how bleak things could get before there’s even a chance of a turnaround.

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The Case for Buying Cryptocurrencies with Spencer Randall

In an exclusive interview with 7investing, CryptoEQ founder Spencer Randall describes how to value cryptocurrencies and which companies are a step ahead in embracing blockchains.

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Howard Lindzon’s Top 10 Positions

Stocktwits co-founder Howard Lindzon and Austin Lieberman discuss Howard’s approach to public market investing. Hard and Austin dive into Howard’s “Fashology” and “8 to 80” portfolios on Koyfin. Howard also shares his current portfolio as well as his top 10 positions. The conversation wraps up with Howard’s thoughts on the recent market volatility and how he’s thinking about the future.

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The Most Important Trends in Technology with Tiernan Ray

Tiernan Ray is one of the technology industry’s most in-depth reporters. He’s written about the seismic changes that have taken place in tech for 25 years – from the early days of the internet and the dotcom boom to the rise of cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

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Dan’s Top Stock for October

7investing advisor Dan Kline’s Top Stock for October has sneakily changed the kind of company it is and the market has yet fully notice. It’s a sleeping giant that will race to new heights in more than one massive sector.

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Steve’s Top Stock for October

7investing advisor Steve Symington's top stock for October is a small-cap company following a proven blueprint that gives it a virtually unlimited ceiling for growth.

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Matt’s Top Stock for October

COVID-19 has changed the world, fast-forwarding trends that were already in place by a magnitude of years: E-commerce is at an inflection point, smartphone penetration has never been higher, and merchants are going cashless. 7investing lead advisor Matthew Cochrane's stock recommendation this month directly benefits from all of these growing trends.

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