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Use this form to update your information or to receive an invitation to the server

How to find Discord username on desktop

Step 1 – On the bottom left, you will see your profile information. Left-click anywhere on your name or circular profile picture.

Step 2 – A window will pop up showing your display name and username. You can simply click to copy it and then paste it in the form.

Find Discord Username helper

How to find Discord username on mobile

Step 1 – On the bottom right, you will see your circular profile. Tap it. 
(It will only show itself if you are in your friends list/servers menu)

Step 2 – Immediately beneath your profile image, you will see your display name and in smaller text beneath that, your username. 


Most frequent questions and answers

We apologize for the inconvenience! Send us an email at info@7investing.com and we will send you a fresh link

The invite link will be sent from ‘info@7investing.com’
– Check your spam folders
– Verify you are looking in the same email you use to log in to your 7investing account
– Wait a minimum of 10 minutes in case our servers are delayed by higher than usual traffic and demand
– Try sending again after 10 minutes. This time, verify there are no typos in the email address

If you have done all of this and its still not arriving, send us an email at info@7investing.com and we will gladly assist you! 

Discord is an app that allows individuals and companies to create customizable private servers and message boards to build communities.

You can sign up here to get Discord on your device of choice. Once you create your username, let us know the username and the email associated with your 7investing account and we will help you get full permissions to our server, so you can join your fellow subscribers and get your investing questions answered on a daily basis.

Because the Discord Nicknames can be changed and the username cannot.
Our auto-verification system depends on the Discord username you provide in the form above to be able to be able to verify you have an active subscription. 

If we asked for the nickname and a user later decided to change their nickname, it would result in our system removing their access to the members-only portion of the Discord server as it would not match the information you initially provided. It would be anarchy!

To make things easier on you, our support team, and the invisible magic that makes our system work, collecting the username is by far the more efficient way to go.