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How It Works

Designed For Your Success

When it comes to investing, there are risks. The greatest of these is the “unknown unknown,” or some thesis-breaking moment that nobody saw coming. While safeguarding against that kind of risk is impossible in investing, what separates the great investor from the average investor is being able reduce the risk factors that they CAN anticipate: the “known unknowns.” 

Those pitfalls include: not having enough information, having the wrong information, and acting on emotion, rather than fact. This is where 7investing can help. We give you what you need to avoid these missteps and help you improve your investing process.

Our approach is built on three bedrock principles: 

At 7investing, we put our years of research and investing experience to work each day for one purpose: to equip 7investing members with the accurate  and timely information they need to navigate the murky waters of stock market investing.

Supercharged Due Diligence

Self-directed investors often struggle with a lack of resources when it comes to in-depth company analysis, leading to potential misinformed decisions and financial losses. 7investing directly addresses this issue by providing extensive analysis, reporting, and in-depth insights into the financials and market contexts of various investment opportunities in the form of our seven monthly recommendations, deep dive videos, and company updates.

By leveraging these resources, you can move away from guesswork and enhance your due diligence process, with the information you need to make decisions that reduce the risk of financial loss and increase the chances of improved portfolio performance.

Released on the 1st of each month with every new stock recommendation

Our research reports act as a solid foundation for your due diligence process. For successful long-term investing, it’s crucial to grasp the fundamentals of the companies you consider for investment. This core research acts as an anchor to your thesis, helping you stay steady and informed amidst the unpredictable storms of the market. Our reports cover:

-Risk level designation (‘Low’, ‘Medium’, ‘High’, etc..)
-An overview of the company and how it operates
-Insights into strategic direction, leadership, and vision for the future
-Other potentially important factors like risks, opportunities, and what could impact the thesis over the coming years.

By leveraging these research reports, you gain strategic advantage in your investment journey. They equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions, minimize risk, and potentially maximize returns. Remember, information is power, and these reports are designed to ensure you’re empowered to make the right decisions for your portfolio and situation.

By the 8th of each month

Our Video Deep Dives serve 2 integral functions. 

1. On top of the recommendation reports, you get additional information and qualitative analysis about why the advisor is recommending the company.
2. The Deep Dives  offer an additional layer of scrutiny. The other lead advisors engage in the due diligence process, raising questions regarding the potential opportunities presented by the selected company and challenging the assumptions of the advisor. This testing is integral to our recommendations process to ensure each stock’s thesis can stand up to challenges from the advisor team.

As a member, you are invited to witness our lead advisors synergize their individual areas of expertise, meticulously examining each detail of every selection each month. This is not only a compelling method for most investors to learn how to frame appropriate questions but also provides an open and transparent glimpse into our process.

Sent on the 22nd of each month –

Investing requires diligent research, but as any seasoned investor knows, change is the only constant. Managing the risk of a well-diversified portfolio can be a time-consuming endeavor.

Our Company Updates are here to simplify this process. These are monthly evaluations of all our investment recommendations, encompassing elements such as responses to earnings reports, updates on leadership and strategy, and reflections on significant recent developments.

These updates are promptly posted in your members’ portal and also delivered directly to your email. This dual approach significantly minimizes the risk of overlooking any crucial updates and saves you the time and effort of monitoring these changes independently. Stay informed, stay ahead, and let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Creating a Collaborative Ecosystem for Investors

We all have different backgrounds and experiences which can naturally lead to questions, varied viewpoints, or new insights, even when we’re presented with a lot of useful information. That’s why we work hard to create an environment where members can engage with our advisors and one another. We have found that respectful collaboration improves the process of making good investing decisions and fosters a more empowering and enriching experience on the investing journey.

You will receive an email invite to a scheduled video conference call between all 7investing members and lead advisors. The advisors have a live discussion about recent recommendations and current market landscape, and answer community questions about relevant topics. 

This process serves as an integral part of our commitment to maintaining open lines of communication with members and providing the most up-to-date and relevant information to reduce risk and assist in making informed investing decisions. 

As a member, you’ll gain exclusive access to our community Discord channel. Here, you can chat with our advisors and other members on any investing-related topic in a fun, dynamic, and respectful environment. Whether it’s about current events or discussing diverse investment perspectives, our warm, supportive community is always ready to engage and elevate our collective knowledge about the markets.

Embracing Transparency in Success and Failure

In the world of investing, honesty and accountability are paramount. At 7investing, we strive to foster a culture where every triumph is acknowledged, every misstep is a learning opportunity, and every decision is backed by comprehensive information. We believe that you, as an investor, deserve nothing less.

Our portfolios and scorecards serve as tangible reflections of this commitment. They offer you a realistic perspective on the potential risks and rewards of investing, equipping you with crucial insights for informed decision-making. This transparency is not just about sharing our performance; it’s about empowering you on your investment journey.

(also referred to as our “Real Money Scorecard”)

The Recommendations Scorecard is a powerful tool that offers a transparent comparison of our recommendations against the performance of the S&P500, a standard benchmark for long-term investing. It displays the performance of each of our recommendations alongside the S&P500 from the date of the recommendation, providing a clear picture of whether a particular pick is outperforming or underperforming the overall market.

But the Scorecard offers more than just performance comparison. It provides additional statistics and can be customized based on various factors, including:

-Purchase Date: The date we recommended the company.
-Rec Price: The price of the stock on the day we recommended it.
-Total Returns: The total percentage return since the recommendation, and vs. the S&P 500.
-Industry: The sector the company operates in, such as banking, retail, semiconductors, etc.
-Investment Style: The type of investment, such as Growth, Income, Value, etc.
-Risk Level: The risk associated with the investment, categorized as ‘Low’, ‘Medium’, ‘High’, etc.

By providing these insights, the Recommendations Scorecard helps you tailor your investment choices to your personal style and preferences, enhancing your ability to make informed and effective investment decisions.

(also referred to as ‘Best Buy’ Portfolios.)

The Portfolios represent our top investment picks or “best buys,” carefully selected from all of our active recommendations. Think of it as a curated list of our current favorites, designed to provide a simplified starting point for those who find our comprehensive scorecard a bit overwhelming

Every month, during the Subscriber Call, each advisor selects their top ‘Best Buy’ from all active recommendations. These seven ‘Best Buys’ are then compiled into the most recent portfolio. We also provide an Advisor Update about these selections and track their performance in a dedicated ‘Best Buys portfolio.’ Advisors can choose any stock from our list, even if others have selected it, ensuring our ‘Best Buy’ portfolios represent our most promising stocks at any given time.

Now that you’ve seen the thoughtful planning and strategic design of our investing process, the next step is to experience the results for yourself. 

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