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Coupang is Worth $19.25 Per Share, But With Hidden Upside.…

Apr 12, 2024

The base case of my Discounted Cash Flow predicts Coupang's stock is currently worth $19.25 per share. But like we saw this morning, it also has some excellent hidden optionality.


Matt’s Top Stock for October 2022

Oct 1, 2022

7investing Lead Advisor Matthew Cochrane’s top stock recommendation in October has management with a long-term vision and a massive total addressable market.


Is There More to Target’s Recent Profit Downgrade?

Jul 5, 2022

Is there more to Target's recent profit downgrade?


Simon’s Top Stock for July 2022

Jul 1, 2022

7investing Lead Advisor Simon Erickson’s Top Stock to Buy in July 2022 is a first mover in an important market who is executing incredibly well.


Luke’s Top Stock for June 2022

Jun 1, 2022

7investing Lead Advisor Luke Hallard's top stock to buy in June 2022 has incredibly robust financials, including category-leading margins, and a fantastic return on invested capital.


Matt’s Top Stock for February 2022

Feb 1, 2022

7investing Lead Advisor Matthew Cochrane’s top stock to buy in February 2022 is investing heavily now to build out a technical and physical infrastructure that will make it difficult for business...


Simon’s Top Stock for January 2022

Jan 1, 2022

7investing Lead Advisor Simon Erickson’s top stock to buy in January 2022 is a global market leader with strong competitive advantages. Investors are getting a rare opportunity to buy it at an...

Premium Advisor Update

Get Ready for a Unique Holiday Season

Nov 13, 2021


Anirban’s Top Stock for November 2021

Nov 1, 2021

7investing Lead Advisor Anirban Mahanti's top stock to buy in November 2021 is a hypergrowth, early-stage yet profitable business servicing a large addressable market opportunity.


Here’s Why I’m Not Worried About Inflation (At Least for…

Oct 22, 2021

Prices are higher, but there are some short-term reasons for that.

Premium Advisor Update

Real Robots Aren’t Coming to Your Home (But Automation Will…

Oct 12, 2021


How to Pick Winners This Holiday Shopping Season

Oct 11, 2021

You're going to hear a lot about supply chains.


The Holiday Season Starts Now. Is That a Good Thing…

Oct 6, 2021

Amazon has already released some Black Friday-like deals. Other retailers will be quick to follow.

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Why Evolve or Die Has Become a Reality for Retailers

Sep 9, 2021


A Look at the State of Retail

Sep 2, 2021

It's a time of transition and adaptation for the industry.


Amazon Makes Buy Now, Pay Later Deal with Affirm

Aug 31, 2021

The online giant has continued its policy of trying to give consumers what they want.