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Update on our Disclosures and Social Media Policies

How we value transparency and use social media in ways other investing services can't.

August 18, 2020

A Word on Disclosures

Before we dig into our social media policies at 7investing, let’s take a moment to make sure our disclosure policy is clear.

First, if you’re an active 7investing subscriber, you’ve probably already noticed that we disclose whether any of our team of individual advisors already owns the stocks we recommend in our premium reports. This disclosure appears in italics at the bottom of each of our 7 monthly stock recommendations. And for what it’s worth, without exception at least one member of our team has owned each of the stocks we’ve recommended to date. 

Of course, you should also note 7investing buys a small position in each recommendation at the end of the trading day after our reports are released, the performance of which is tracked in our recommendations table here

We like to put our money where our mouths are, ensuring our interests are aligned with yours. And we publish our reports before we actually buy the stocks to avoid the appearance of attempting to inflate the value of our own recent purchases.

Our Social Media Policies

You might have also noticed we embrace and utilize social media at 7investing in a way that many competing investing services simply can’t match. 

We’re ecstatic that the number of people following our Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts is growing so quickly, as more people learn about what we have to offer. After all, we’ve strived to build a service that offers unrivaled value for our subscribers: Providing our top 7 stock ideas and ongoing updates from a team of world-class advisors for only $49 per month. 

And we don’t “just” use social media to post funny memes and famous investing quotes. Rather – keeping in mind we’re not a brokerage so can’t offer individualized advice – we happily interact with our followers across social media, answering your questions and sharing everything from our musings on market trends to individual stocks, portfolio management, and personal anecdotes to learn and grow our investing knowledge together with you. 

We’ll never disclose in our freely available analysis whether a given stock we’re discussing is a formal recommendation. But after our 1-month quiet period is satisfied, we can and do talk on social media about both prospective and active recommendations alike.

We love being able to hear your thoughts and respond in real time. And we believe our highly engaged, highly personal style serves as a massively valuable resource for those who follow along on our social media channels.

But this has also raised some challenges. 

On one hand, we understand not everyone actively follows our social media accounts. And we want to make sure our paying subscribers don’t feel shortchanged by the content of our freely available interactions. 

On the other hand, we have no intention of simply disappearing behind our paywall as advisors for many other stock-picking services do.

The Way Forward

As such, we think we’ve found a nice middle ground that provides the best of both worlds, adding incremental value for 7investing subscribers while simultaneously allowing us to continue fostering our budding social-media presence: Going forward, we’re going to incorporate a selection of our favorite social-media conversations into our monthly 7investing emails.

We think this social-media centric addition should serve as an effective complement to the existing content of our email newsletters, which already includes company-specific updates and our advisors’ ongoing “perspectives” thinking each month.

Finally, if you have a 7investing account and you’re unsure whether you’ve opted in to receive our emails, you can check on your email preferences page here. We hope you’re as excited to receive our email updates as we are to share them.

And remember, we’re always available if you have questions about our recommendations. For those of you on social media, we’re open to direct messages. For those who prefer email, you can always find us at info@7investing.com or submit an inquiry through our contact form. Our goal is to be helpful. And we personally respond to every question we receive.

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