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7 FAQs: “Is 7investing a Brokerage?”

Subscribers often ask us these three questions: Is 7investing a brokerage? Can you buy and sell stocks for me? Do you buy the stocks you recommend?

March 1, 2020

You’ve asked us some great questions, and here are our answers! We’ve pulled together your most-asked questions into our new “7 Most Common Questions” article series.

The short answer: No, 7investing is not a brokerage. We can’t manage your money, offer individualized investment advice, or buy and sell stocks on your behalf. But we have plenty of ways to help guide you in your investing journey.

The longer answer: Both current and prospective 7investing subscribers ask us: Is 7investing a brokerage? Can you buy and sell stocks for me? And do you buy the stocks you recommend?
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Okay, so this is admittedly a three-part question – but it’s “one” we receive fairly often. Read on for a full elaboration on what we can and cannot do at 7investing.

Our mission, should you choose to accept it

First things first: No, 7investing is not a brokerage. So we cannot manage your money, offer individualized investment advice, or buy and sell stocks on your behalf.

Remember, our mission is to empower you to invest in your future. We believe investing is a highly personal task, and our service is uniquely built to help you not only discover a compelling steam of potential investment candidates to construct your portfolio (more on that topic in this article), but also to grow and improve your investing knowledge by following along with our proven team of world-class advisors.

We work toward accomplishing that mission in several ways, including:

  1. Providing seven detailed reports with our top stock ideas every single month for subscribers’ consideration (read more about the mechanics of that number and how some members use our seven monthly recommendations in this article)
  2. Providing premium mid-month advisor commentaries for subscribers, which detail our advisors’ current thoughts on the market and what we’re watching.
  3. Providing company-specific updates for subscribers to discuss the latest news on our official recommendations. And yes, this includes notifications if something happens to negatively impact our thesis for past recommendations.
  4. Providing 7investing.com podcast episodes, investing articles, and exclusive 7investing interviews that are freely available to both subscribers and non-subscribers alike.

Putting money where our mouth is

In addition, we do buy a small position in each of the stocks we recommend for performance-tracking purposes, the values of which are displayed in real-time on our recommendations table for subscribers. Unlike many other investing/stock-trading services, we make no attempt to front-run our subscribers’ purchases; our trades execute at the end of the trading day after our monthly reports are released.

That said, our individual advisors do tend to own the stocks they recommend through their personal portfolios, and we clearly disclose any such ownership stakes at the bottom of each of our reports. 

Rest assured we’re long-term investors (you can read more on our long-term approach here), and we make our recommendations with holding periods of years in mind. Rarely, if ever, does any given recommendation’s short-term movements have any significant bearing on its long-term returns, or our resolve to continue holding it.

Questions? Ask!

Finally, we have no intention of simply collecting your subscription fees to quietly disappear behind our paywall. Our earliest supporters can tell you that we’re always happy to talk shop and answer subscribers’ questions (without providing individualized advice, of course), whether that means answering inquiries directly via our site’s email contact forms, or in a public thread if you tag us or comment in any one of our social media channels

So even though we can’t buy and sell stocks on your behalf, we make it a point to be uniquely accessible to subscribers so we can learn and grow together in our investing journeys.

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