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Our Mission

7investing’s mission is to empower you to invest in your future.

We’ve chosen each of those words carefully. And for a good reason.

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Firstly, we believe you know your future goals better than anyone else. You also know your risk tolerance, and how much drastic movements in a stock price (either up or down) will keep you up at night.

In other words, we want you to be the one investing in your future.

And we’re here to empower you to do that. Each of our investment recommendations is categorized by style, to help you determine if it would be of interest to you. Higher-risk growth companies might be more appealing if you’re comfortable with some occasional market turbulence.

Lower-risk income-paying companies could be great if you’d rather just relax and collect dividends.

Our goal is to offer a full buffet of stock ideas every month, which are thoroughly vetted by our team so you know upfront what you’re investing into.

We hope this helps our 7investing subscribers make more profitable decisions and learn more about analyzing companies in the stock market.