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It’s very rare for 7investing to make a *five-time* recommendation.
Yet that’s exactly what we just did.
See which underappreciated FinTech leader we believe is the stock market’s best opportunity right now.

Our 7investing team is in the business of finding stock market opportunities. We pull together our 7 best ideas, write reports on them, and send them directly to our subscribers’ Inboxes on the first morning of every month.

Sometimes, we’ll find a company that we *really* like.

These special breeds of companies have strengthening competitive advantages, flawless execution from leadership, and a market that’s chomping at the bit to adopt its new technology.

In cases like these, we’ll go back to the well for a second stake re-recommending an existing company that already appeared once before on our scorecard.

And once in a blue moon, we’ll find a company that becomes a multiple re-recommendation. These are the companies where we pound the table the hardest. We believe their progress is so under-appreciated by the market that we’ll continue to recommend it until the stock price more closely matches their business success. 

That’s exactly what we found this month with this five-time 7investing recommendation.

This Financial Technology company is executing where it matters the most. It’s expanding its customer base quickly, but also in a methodical and profitable way that will reward investors.

In other words, we really like what we see and we don’t think its current stock price appreciates this long-term growth story.

If you would like to see our official 7investing report on the company — which is our lead advisor Steve Symington’s Top Stock for June 2023 — please share your email address with us in the prompt above.

We’ll then send you the same recommendation report that we published exclusively for our paying 7investing subscribers.

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So we hope you enjoy our insights about this underappreciated FinTech leader. And thanks for the opportunity to empower you to invest in your future!