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The Best Value in Financial Education

Learn the Stock Market with the 7investing Student Subscription for just $7 per month.

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7investing empowers you to invest in your future. We do this by providing a powerful combination of stock market education, and actionable stock recommendations that you can use to learn the stock market.

As a student subscriber, you get: 

7 stock market recommendations each month

– Full access to our Community Forum to talk stocks with other investors

– Timely Company Updates from our 7 lead advisors on their recommendations

– Access to our Monthly Subscriber Calls — where we answer your questions live!

– Access to every recommendation report in 7investing’s history (over 200 companies)

Other investors pay hundreds of dollars a year to receive this combination of industry-leading stock research and helpful educational content. 

Yet we’re offering this to students – with a valid “.edu ” email address – for more than 85% off of our normal rate. We are unlocking everything that 7investing offers through our student subscription for only $84 per year. That’s just $7 per month!

You Only Get One Chance to Start Investing. Don’t Miss Yours.

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The earlier you start investing, the more time your money will have to compound and increase in value. This is what leads to larger investment portfolios and greater returns in the long run.

While there are no guarantees in the world of investing, the 7investing Student Subscription can provide you with actionable ideas to give you an important head start on achieving your future financial goals.

Start investing in your future today. 

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