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What Our Subscribers are Saying

Even more rewarding than our numerical returns is hearing about the bigger-picture impact we are making. 7investing subscribers from all across the world have shared testimonials of how we have helped them stay the course and keep a long-term mindset.

7investing has helped increase my confidence in investing, raising my awareness to the intricate and often overlooked details necessary for making informed decisions with stock picks, and serving as a stalwart foundation to not get caught up in fickle, superficial, and misleading trends that contribute to market volatility and poor choices

Viet P. On 2nd December 2021

Thank you to each of you who have helped me get started on my investing journey and a process that I can be confident even if there are years of downtrends or volatility, I will be happy to hold those names as I know the business that I am invested in. I really appreciate you all for the hard work that you all do to make our lives better and wealthier.

Ishan March 2021

In the past I have spent thousands of dollars on investment advice services that don’t deliver a fraction of the value as 7investing.

Michael H. March 2021

I am a member for life and I know my future me is very happy right now.

Alfredo R. March 2021

Much appreciation and admiration to Simon and team for handling these times like world class champions, as that is what you all are. Thank you – look forward to many exciting months, years and decades with this team!

Dave R. June 2021

After years of trusting Mutual Fund managers with sub par results, 7investing has helped me take control of my retirement and grow my net worth. Thanks for helping me take ownership of my money and grow it like i’ve never thought I could!

Mario B. March 2021

7Investing team has heavily influenced my investing philosophy. I really appreciate the in-depth research, easy access and the advisor's willingness to engage and answer every question posed. Along the way I have learned a few things related to investing shared through their podcast. I now feel confident about my investing choices, and able to make progress towards by investment goals. In my opinion, 7Investing is probably the best kept open secret for investors.

Rahul G.

Just wanted to let you know that this service is by far the best value around. The advisors are top notch, the wealth of well produced multimedia content is incredibly extensive, and the ongoing updates are well written/timely.

Akash S.