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Why 7investing?

The best stocks to invest in – for now and for the long term –

handed to you by credible lead advisors. 

Yeah. It’s that easy.

Why pay someone else to manage your money? With 7investing, you’ll have the power to cut through the internet noise and misinformation and add the stocks you trust to your portfolio, with research powered by our trusted lead advisors. 

Every month, 7investing helps thousands of investors like you:

✔ Save time

✔ Reduce financial stress

✔ Take control of your future

✔ Understand how the market works

✔ Build wealth for you and your family

✔ See stock market opportunities others miss


Empowering You to
Invest in Your Future

Empowerment means spending less time worrying about your portfolio, and more time doing the things you love — you know, the reasons you started investing in the first place!


Our lead stock market advisors are a special breed. They truly and passionately enjoy diving into quarterly earnings calls, kicking the tires on the market’s best performers, and figuring out which companies are for real… and which ones are just blowing smoke. 


It all starts with our 7 core subscriber services

The Stock Picks:  7 new stocks picks. 7 opportunities to grow your wealth. Every single month.

The Research: Don’t just blindly take our word. You’ll receive the actual detailed analysis on each of our best stock ideas. These reports cover the competitive advantages, management, risk levels, statistics, and the core “buy” thesis of each stock market recommendation. We also record video deep dives of each advisor pitching their idea to the team and answering tough questions from our other advisors. We pull no punches here!

The Transparency: You get to see the real-time performance of the real-money scorecard we fund from our stock ideas and research. (It really puts the pressure on us to do our homework… just like any good investor should!) 

The Community: Bounce ideas around with fellow community members or pick the brain of your favorite analyst in our exclusive members-only Discord channel.

The Updates: If anything important is happening in the market or with our stock picks, we got you covered. We deliver monthly company updates and track our recommendations over time, updating our subscribers on any big moves that could impact our investing thesis.

The Monthly Subscriber Call: Our subscribers get to join our lead advisors each month for a dynamic, fast-paced round-up of our monthly recommendations, where they can get their questions directly answered by the advisor who made the pick. Our advisors also give subscribers their monthly “best buys,” actionable selections on their favorite stocks to buy now based on valuation and company health. You won’t want to miss this call!

The Educational Resources: You don’t know something until you know it. You gain access to our frequently published educational articles on a variety of investing and financial topics. 

Is 7investing right for me?

Self-directed investing is not for everyone. You have to be willing to accept a certain level of risk. You have to have patience. You have to take personal accountability for your decisions in where you invest your money. 

7investing is not a brokerage or a money management service. We are here to empower YOU to invest in your future. Our company is built on the belief that nobody cares about your money like you do.

Our purpose is to give you the tools and tactics to save you time, improve your knowledge, and help you put your money to work in a way that fits your personal investing style.

You will be a great fit for the 7investing community if:

  • You appreciate the growth potential of a well-researched stock market recommendation 

  • You lead a busy life and don’t want to track every company in your portfolio

  • You are serious about achieving your financial goals

  • You understand that investing is a long term endeavor and it involves risk

People who won’t be a good fit:

  • People who think that investing is a “get rich quick” thing

  • People who think stocks only go up

  • People who are not willing to learn and grow

  • People who do not have the patience to invest in stocks and leave that money in the market for at least 3-5 years after they invest.

The road of financial well-being through investing is deeply personal,

but that doesn’t mean you have to walk it alone. 


Here’s how you can be a part of the 7investing journey.

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Get our new premium stock picks

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Still not sure if 7investing is right for you? Let us start you down the road to financial empowerment. We’re here to empower you to invest in your future, and we know different people are at different stages of that journey.

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