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TickerCompanyPurchase dateBuy PriceCurrent PriceNumber of SharesCost BasisCurrent ValueDaily ChangeTotal returnS&P 500 Returnvs S&P 500 return
SWAVShockwave Medical07/07/2022$197.39$137.5625.3306$5000$3,484.48+0.07%-30.31%+44.32%-74.63%
VEEVVeeva Systems07/07/2022$208.50$181.6523.9808$5000$4,356.11-0.32%-12.88%+44.32%-57.20%
SOFISoFi Technologies07/07/2022$6.02$6.615830.565$5000$5,494.19+3.68%+9.88%+44.32%-34.44%
TTDThe Trade Desk07/07/2022$44.11$100.435113.353$5000$11,384.61-1.07%+127.69%+44.32%+83.37%
UTHRUnited Therapeutics07/07/2022$242.75$327.40520.597$5000$6,743.56+1.47%+34.87%+44.32%-9.45%

The Importance of In-Depth Research

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