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7investing and CryptoEQ in January 2023: What Should Investors Do Now?

The advisors of 7investing and CryptoEQ discuss the macroeconomy and its impact on equity and crypto investors.

January 15, 2023

– Advisor: 7investing Team

Industries: Financial Services  

7investing and CryptoEQ recently announced a partnership, to help investors understand the collision between equities and cryptocurrencies. They publish a quarterly Collision Course podcast to discuss how the two markets often impact one another.

This month, 7investing lead advisors Simon Erickson and Steve Symington chat with CryptoEQ CEO Spence Randall and Director of Marketing Nicholas Berkley-Gough about the state of the macroeconomy. Investors have all eyes on the Fed, to see if interest rate hikes will slow during 2023 and lead to less suffering for equity valuations. Interest rates also impact the crypto markets as well, although technical analysis also plays a role in determining intrinsic valuations.

The group also discusses sentiment amongst institutional investors, who have a significant amount of cash on the sidelines that could be a bullish indicator for equities. Crypto investors are adjusting to the jaunting headlines of the collapse of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange, while still recognizing that there are viable opportunities that are very inexpensive right now.

We hope you enjoy this month’s Collision Course conversation, which we are publishing free for everyone this month! If you would like to see all of our Collision Course conversations and also their complete transcripts, please consider joining our 7investing membership today:

Publicly-traded companies mentioned in this conversation include Alphabet, Amazon, Blackrock, Coinbase, GameStop, and Meta Platforms. Cryptocurrencies mentioned include Bitcoin. 7investing or CryptoEQ’s advisors may have positions in the stocks or cryptocurrencies of the companies that were mentioned.


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