7investing's 7 investing principles

7investing’s 7 Investing Principles

Advisor: Austin Lieberman

At 7investing, we give you our seven best stock picks each month. Each of our six advisors makes a pick and we add a team selection. We don’t just make these picks based on whims or even our personal convictions. Instead, we have 7 guiding principles we use to guide our selections.

It’s not a spreadsheet or a checklist — though those have their place — our 7investing principles are more the 10,000 foot view of how we look at companies. On this episode of our podcast Austin Lieberman and Dan Kline will walk you through each of the 7 principles providing some personal color as to how we use them to guide our stock picks.

After that, we’re going to take a stock — The Trade Desk (NASDAQ: TTD) — and put it through the format we use to write-up our stock recommendations each month.

Interview timestamps:
0:02 – Introduction
0:15 – Election banter
0:40 – Setting the table for the show
1:15 – 7investing Principle #1: It’s personal
2:23 – 7investing Principle #2: Buy companies, not tickers
3:28 – 7investing Principle #3: Don’t stress yourself out
5:30 – 7investing Principle #4: Time is on your side
7:05 – 7investing Principle #5: Valuation matters
8:30 – 7investing Principle #6: Find one-of-a-kind companies
9:44 – 7investing Principle #7: Develop a thesis
11:54 – Intro to section on our process
12:33 – Key takeaway on The Trade Desk
13:55 – What does The Trade Desk do?
16:33 – What’s the bigger picture for The Trade Desk?
18:51 – What are the key risks for The Trade Desk?
22:21 – Insight on The Trade Desk’s management and vision
25:45 – What should we be watching with The Trade Desk?
27:34 – Closing remarks