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7investing and YCharts Take Your Questions!

April 2, 2021 – By Samantha Bailey

Every month, our team of Lead Advisors is each asked the same question, which is, “what is your very best idea in the stock market right now?”

If you are a 7investing subscriber who has seen our reports answering that question, you know we look at metrics beyond just the reported earnings per share and the company’s revenue.  We love to dig into the profitability ratios, operating margins, and other metrics that will drive that business over time.

But how exactly do we learn about those metrics and transparently relay our findings to our subscribers?  To help, we partnered with YCharts, a full-service fundamental research platform for investors.

While we use YCharts here at 7investing almost every day, we thought it would be fun to bring our partnership to the listeners of our Livestream!  We dug into several companies, including Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Criteo, CVS, Facebook, NVIDIA, Rocket, Square, 2U, and Veeva – and greatly appreciated having the exceptional team from YCharts on hand to spin up graphics on the spot.

Our mission at 7investing is to empower individual investors, and our friends at YCharts are a great resource to supplement your 7investing subscription.  For a limited time, YCharts is offering a discount on their service to all 7investors!  Use code “7investing” at checkout for a 20% discount.

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