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7investing Important Update: Team Conversations Now Available for Subscribers

7investing founder and CEO Simon Erickson shares an important update. Starting today, all 7investing subscribers will now have access to its advisor conversations every month.

June 8, 2020

Advisor: 7investing Team

7investing founder and CEO Simon Erickson has an important update to share. All 7investing subscribers — both new and existing — will now get complementary access to its advisor conversations every month.

There’s a lot that takes place in our monthly advisor conversations. We really dig in to what it is we like about the companies we’re recommending. We share our take on how markets are changing and which factors are most important. And we’re not afraid to ask one another the difficult questions: such as how we’re assessing each recommended company’s risks and competition.

We believe these advisor conversations are genuine and transparent look into our investing process. And we’re happy to share them — to help us accomplish our mission of empowering you to investing in your future.

So beginning today, these new “Deep Dive Company Updates” can be accessed by subscribers in the “Premium” tab of our site’s top navigational menu. We will also email them out on a monthly basis.

We hope these team conversations will help you dive even deeper into the companies we’re recommending, and make even better-informed investment decisions for your future!

Video Transcript

Hi. I’m 7investing founder and CEO Simon Erickson, here with an important update. Today, we’re taking a huge step forward because we’ll be offering direct access to our advisor team’s monthly conversations to all 7investing subscribers for no additional cost.

But let me step back and provide some background first. Our goal and our mission here at 7investing is to empower you to invest in your future. We provide stock recommendations through written reports every month, which spell out which companies we find as the most interesting opportunities in the market today.

But we also want to offer some tools to help you make it personal. To help you really dig in deeper into the companies that we’re recommending. To find those that are the right fit for you, for your investing style, or for your risk tolerance.

And so in addition to those written reports, we’re now going to be offering something extra.

Our team conversations are meant to see a direct look at our investing process — available for all of our subscribers — to help you make better decisions from our recommendations.

Now these conversations are not “dog and pony shows” or marketing pitches. Instead, they’re objective, behind the scenes looks at how we size up companies as professional stock analysts.

You’ll get to see how we qualify a company’s opportunities. How we assess the risks. And the questions that we ask each other as advisors.

In addition to that, you’ll also get to see how we look at how markets are changing out there. And what it is about these companies that we find so interesting and so appealing.

So we’re very excited, starting today, to offer these team conversations as a complement to our recommendations. That are available for subscribers every single month.

You’ll be able to see them in the ‘Insights’ tab [Simon actually means the ‘Premium’ tab] in the top navigational menu. And if you’re new to 7investing and you’re interested in this type of content, simply click on the link at the end of this video to get started.

If you’re an existing subscriber, we thank you for your continued support of our business. And we hope that you’re able to enjoy this complementary new content.

We are here to empower you to invest in your future. We are 7investing.