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7investing International Subscriber Call: October 2022

Our 7investing International Subscriber call features our Australia-based advisor Anirban Mahanti and special guest Steve Symington this month as well. The two share updates on their recent and former recommendations, as well as their additions to the Strong Buy Portfolio.

October 17, 2022

On October 13, 2022, our team hosted our most recent International 7investing Subscriber Call.

We really enjoy these calls as a way to chat directly with our 7investing members. We dig into our current month’s stock recommendations and share updates on our former picks as well. 7investing CEO Simon Erickson hosts the call with our Sydney-based advisor Anirban Mahanti and Montana-based advisor Steve Symington.

Anirban, Steve, and Simon shares the reasons for why they picked their latest recommendations that come from the automotive and financial services markets.

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