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7investing Revs Up Its Search Engine with Yext

Our new Yext-powered search feature allows users and subscribers more quickly find our stock recommendations and important research.

February 26, 2021

At 7investing, our 2nd principle is “buy companies, not tickers.”

We believe that understanding the ins and outs of the actual businesses you are partnering with through your investment dollars is crucial to both your financial and physical wellbeing. If you know your company and believe in its potential, then the daily swings of the market won’t seem as drastic. You will have confidence in your portfolio because you have confidence in your companies.

To ensure that confidence is not misplaced, our advisors provide you with valuable research about our monthly stock picks and the market in general. We produce podcasts. We interview CEOs and key opinion leaders. We stream live three times a week and answer your questions with 7iNow.

That’s a lot of helpful information. But only if you can access the information YOU need when YOU need it.

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That’s why 7investing has just upgraded our website with the most robust internal search engine we could find on the market today. Powered by Yext, the new-look 7investing search feature gives you the power to search through the text and transcripts of every piece of content 7investing has ever produced to help you find the most relevant data you need to make better investment decisions.

This will have huge potential benefits for all “7investors”. First-time visitors to our site will be able to easily find our investment philosophy and how to build wealth in the stock market.  More frequent visitors can now quickly find previous content that immediately matches the topics they’re interested in exploring.

For our subscribers, the best value in the industry just got even better. You can search everything we’ve ever written about every recommendation we’ve ever made. Looking for a specific quote or discussion about your potential investment that we said in April of 2020? You can now find it very easily.

This granularity will allow you to unlock the full potential of 7investing as a hub for your investment research. And, of course, as a member, you can always ask us about our recommendations in our monthly subscriber calls — which we’ve also placed on our website (with transcripts) and are now searchable!

An image of the 7investing research hub

We believe that by providing you with comprehensive access to our deep dives, discussions, and recommendations each month, you can assume a more active role in your personal financial decisions. After all, our first investing principle is “it’s personal.”

To see the difference that 7investing can make in your ability to research and understand the stock market, click the button below to subscribe to our service for just $399/year. At 7investing, we empower you to invest in your future.

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