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7investing’s Monthly Deliverables and Publishing Schedule

What all's included in a 7investing subscription? Here's a list of what to look forward to every month!

March 7, 2022

We don’t directly manage anyone’s money (except our own!) at 7investing. But we do provide our members with access to our team’s top stock market recommendations along with other various members-only content throughout the month. Here’s an overview of what you receive with an active 7investing membership:

7 Top Stock Research Reports

On the 1st of each month, we publish individual research reports outlining the theses of our seven best ideas in the stock market — with one chosen by each of our team of Lead Advisors.

These reports tend to run around 2,000 words apiece, and detail everything from a high-level takeaway each stock to what the company does, why it’s a good investment, a bigger-picture view of its market, its valuation, key risks, management, and specific metrics you should be watching.

For more on our monthly recommendation reports, see this article on our report format.

Deep Dives

In an effort to provide you with a first-hand look at our team’s process, we also publish our “Deep Dive” team conversations along with our monthly research reports. In these conversations, each Lead Advisor presents their rationale for choosing their top stock, giving the rest of the team an opportunity to ask questions, raise concerns, or offer any other insights they might have into the business and its stock. You can find our Deep Dives published under the “Video” filter in our Research Portal with full transcripts of our conversations.

Company Updates

In addition to the initial research reports outlining the thesis for each of our monthly top stock recommendations, we provide company-specific updates on an ongoing basis throughout the month.

These updates keep members attuned to any material changes or developments — whether positive or negative — for all of our active stock recommendations.

You can find company updates through either the “Company Updates” filter on our Research Portal, or by using the search bar from any page on the site.

Advisor Updates and Livestreams

Our team publishes written advisor updates and holds several “7inFocus” livestreams throughout the month.

These members-only articles and webinars detail our team’s current thoughts about what’s happening in the market, including everything from important trends we see developing, to specific news stories or events that might impact how we should be investing our money.

Subscriber Calls and our Monthly “Best Buys”

On the second Friday of every month, our team invites all active members to a subscriber-only Zoom call where we provide updates on several stocks and discuss our Best Buys — that is, our team’s favorite stocks chosen from among all of our past recommendations (in addition to our 7 top stocks released on the 1st of the month).

We also give you the opportunity during these calls to directly ask any questions you might have for our Lead Advisor team about our service, our recommendations, or investing in general! These calls typically last around 90 minutes.

And don’t worry; if you can’t make it to the live call, we also publish replays with full transcripts of every call the following Monday in the videos section of our Research Portal. You can also find our latest list of monthly Best Buys located at the top of our Recommendations page at any time.

Student Calls: “7investing Office Hours”

If you’re one of our student members, we also hold a student-only call on the first Friday of every month where students can learn about investing and ask questions directly to our team. All investing questions are fair game!

Our 7investing Community Forum

In addition to our Subscriber Calls and Student Calls, our team is available 24/7 in our new Community Forum. This is a great place to talk about recent developments in the market, to ask questions about our previous recs, or to just chat with other investors about your favorite stock ideas.

You can join our Community Forum at any time for free using this link. Once joined, you can also unlock our members-only recommendation channels by sending us a direct message, filling out the Google form, or sending us an email to info@7investing.com

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