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7investing’s Pricing Will Increase on July 8th. Sign Up Now to Lock in Our Current Rates.

May 26, 2021

It’s been a busy month, and our 7investing team has three important announcements this morning!

The first is that beginning on July 8, 2021, 7investing will increase our pricing of new memberships to $49 a month or $399 per year.

We’ve significantly increased the value of our service since launching last March. We’ve hired several more advisors — many with advanced degrees — to offer broader company coverage and offer even deeper domain knowledge. We’re also providing extensively more content types, including Deep Dive Team Calls, interactive Subscriber Calls, and – very soon — special reports. Two of our most useful resources are our Recommendations page and our Research hub, which both unlock additional content with an active membership.

We believe this new price point better reflects the true value of our 7investing service. By continuing to uncover the stock market’s greatest opportunities — which are themselves paying you every month as their stock prices increase in value — we’re confident that our membership will still be an incredible deal at $49 per month.

Our second announcement is that this increase will have no impact on the pricing of our current members.

Anyone who is a current 7investing member — or who signs up by July 7, 2021 — will be grandfathered in at our current rate of $17/month or $170/year.

In other words, your current rate will maintain intact for as long as your membership remains active! And you’re free to switch between the $49 monthly rate or the $399 annual rate at any time.

We are keeping our existing pricing in place for current members to show how grateful we are for your early support. Thank you for enabling us to launch our new and growing business.

And finally, our third announcement is that also effective on July 7, we’ll be offering a new Student Rate of $84 per year. That’s just $7 per month, and it will apply for anyone currently taking classes at an academic institution.

This rate will be available for students at any level: med school students, grad school students, undergrad students, and even high school students. To qualify, just enter your active “.edu” email address when signing up on our 7investing subscription page. Or, if you’re currently a student but you don’t have a .edu email, please send us an email with your details to info@7investing.com and we’ll ensure you get the student rate.

We want to encourage investing in the stock market as early as possible, to allow the power of compounding to accrue over years or even decades. But we also realize — and we’ve certainly been there ourselves — that students often don’t have very much disposable income! We’re offering this special rate to empower you to be an investor, but also to allow you to focus primarily on your studies.

So to recap, 7investing’s new membership pricing will increase on July 8, 2021. If you would like to lock-in our current rates of $49 per month or $399 per year, please sign up with 7investing today!

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