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A CEO’s Perspective of Investing in Biotechs with Al Altomari, CEO of Agile Therapeutics

November 9, 2021 – By Samantha Bailey

Investing in general can be complicated. Investing in an industry one doesn’t understand well, and doing so successfully can be close to impossible. The biotech industry is like that for many people. The science in general can be confusing, and with scientific discovery, there are many unknowns. This makes investing in the industry even more challenging. 7investing Lead Advisor Dana Abramovitz talks about investing in biotechs with Agile Therapeutics CEO Al Altomari.

Agile Therapeutics is a commercialization stage biotech focused on women’s health. Listening to women and targeting unmet needs, the company is developing contraceptives using its patch technology. It is focusing on commercialization of products rather than drug research and development, utilizing its core competencies to work with OB/GYNs and their patients to get women the therapeutics they need and want. Altomari discusses the importance of listening to users to meet the needs of the market and surrounding himself with a diverse team and board.

Describing the biotech industry, Altomari sees many partnerships and lots of collaboration. He suggests that everyone can learn from each other and share their knowledge with others. This follows the mindset of the scientific community, which publishes and reports at conferences, pushing scientific knowledge forward.

Altomari points out that investing in biotech companies is comparable to long term investing. Many biotech companies are still in the early stages of business development and it takes a long time to get to market and then for drugs to be prescribed by physicians. He also points out that there are not many milestones or catalysts to report on that might move the market in any one direction, especially for a small biotech company like Agile Therapeutics. As the CEO of a company in a volatile market, Altomari has to be comfortable with what his company is doing and how they are doing it and can’t let the swings of the market influence him.


00.05 Introduction

01.04: Learning more about Agile Therapeutics

01:54: Options for women’s health and how Agile Therapeutics plans to work in this industry

03.15: Contraception and listening to the needs of the market

07:09: The importance of having women on his team and diversity in the workplace

10:15: What is happening in the biotech industry, especially post-COVID?

11:45: The importance of forming partnerships, especially for young biotech companies.

15:20: The biotech community is collaborative and you can learn from others

17:20: Investing in biotech companies, expect to be in it for the long term

20:50: Consolidation is also possible for smaller biotech companies

22:50: CEO’s perspective on market fluctuations


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