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Anirban’s Top Stock for August 2021

7investing Lead Advisor Anirban Mahanti's Top Stock for August 2021 is an asset-light fast-growing business with juicy margins that has just scratched the tip of its gigantic market opportunity.

August 1, 2021

Advisor: Anirban Mahanti

Emerging markets represent the next growth frontier for many companies. After all, developing economies account for 50% of the global GDP, and count amongst themselves the largest middle-class cohort in the world. For international merchants, these developing economies are potentially a several hundred billion dollar commerce opportunity.

However, the infrastructure of developing countries is also substantially different from that of developed economies. There are often technological impediments limiting the ability of global merchants to seamlessly service these regions.

Anirban Mahanti’s Top Stock for August 2021 is a technology company that addresses one such crucial infrastructure challenge. This business has already gained the trust of some of the biggest blue-chip giants. It is growing at a breakneck pace, and yet it has only scratched the tip of its enormous market opportunity. Better yet, this early-stage business is profitable; that too, with margins, that will make some of the best companies on planet Earth green with envy!


My August recommendation operated in a large and fragmented market. Through its innovative solution, this company is solving a complex problem and in the process attracting big ticket customers such as Nike and Microsoft.

The business is growing quickly, but I believe it has just scratched the surface of its humongous market opportunity.

And interesting, thanks to its asset-light business model, my August recommendation is already profitable with operating margins that might well be the envy of the very best businesses on planet earth.

Hi, I am Anirban Mahanti, Lead Advisor for 7investing. I believe my August recommendation has the potential to be a big multibagger. It is not without risks but it is, in my opinion, worth the attention of long-term focussed growth investors.

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I am Anirban Mahanti. We are 7investing. We are here to empower you to invest in your future.