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Anirban’s Top Stock for March 2022

7investing Lead Advisor Anirban Mahanti's top stock to buy in March 2022 is the leader in a transitioning market, and my company has barely scratched the tip of the iceberg.

March 1, 2022

Advisor: Anirban Mahanti

My top stock for 2022 is the clear leader in its market. It is an iconic brand with a cult-like following among its customers. This is a company that has bold, some might say even unrealistic, ambitions with a mission to change the world for the better. Their leadership is one of a kind, and the company is growing both operating profits and free cash flow rapidly and at scale. The best part is – the business is just getting started, and we are still in the very early phases of the adoption S-curve. With the recent market volatility, we have an opportunity to add this iconic growth business at a great price.


The stock market is covered by dark clouds right now. There are fears of inflation, fears of quantitative easing being unwinded, and of course there are geopolitical tensions with the Russia Ukraine event that’s happening right now in Eastern Europe. All of this is right now having a big impact on share prices of growth stocks. Some of them have been sold off a lot. These dark clouds, much like the dark clouds on top of my head here in Sydney, will eventually go away. And that basically means that today, when there is fear out there, we have an opportunity to add an iconic business to our scorecard.

So my recommendation this month is an iconic business that is just getting started. The opportunity in front of this business is humongous. It’s got an excellent management team, it is free cash flow positive, and it is growing really quickly.

We don’t get opportunities like this that often but I think today we have the opportunity to add this business to our scorecard at a really good price and look forward to multibagger returns in the years and decades ahead.

I am Anirban Mahanti. We are 7investing.