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Anirban’s Top Stock for October 2021

7investing Lead Advisor Anirban Mahanti's October 2021 top stock is a picks and shovels play for our digital future.

October 1, 2021

Advisor: Anirban Mahanti

7investing Lead Advisor Anirban Mahanti’s top stock to buy in October 2021 is a fast-growing business helping the world go digital. This founder-led business is loved by its employees, admired by its customers, and is growing at above industry-average rates. The company is profitable and has an industry-leading operating margin. With a massive opportunity in front of it, thanks to the ongoing investments in digital technologies and dynamic leadership that’s ready to pounce on every suitable opportunity, I think the journey for this company has just begun.


Tesla is working on autonomous driving capability. Tesla’s are collecting data. The neural network is learning and adapting. And while Tesla might be among the most advanced in the autonomy game, it is hardly alone in the race. There’s Google’s Waymo. There’s Mobileye from Intel. And even the OEMs from the ICE world have their efforts. There are many private businesses in the race.

Given all this, it might be hard to pick winners, right?

I could say the same thing about software. We are in a digital-first world with so many new and old software ideas ready to rock and roll.

Is there a way to win from all the investments in AI/ML and digital technology without trying to find individual winners?

Is there a way to play into these powerful tailwinds of new AI and digital applications?

My October recommendation gives us an opportunity to win from these powerful tailwinds. It benefits from both the winners and the losers. It’s a business that counts some of the very best company’s out there as among its clients. It’s a fast-growing business. It is still run by its co-founders, who are both young and ambitious. They think the journey has just begun. And unlike many high-flying companies, this one is profitable with best-in-class operating margins.

Hi, I am Anirban Mahanti, Lead Advisor for 7investing. I believe my October recommendation has just scratched the surface of its very large opportunity. It is loved by customers and employees. With ambitious co-founders with significant skin in the game as showrunners, I think we can look forward to many years of wonderful compounding.

If you would like to access my research report or learn about the 6 other recommendations we have released, just go to or click the link at the bottom of this video.

I am Anirban Mahanti. We are 7investing. We are here to empower you to invest in your future.