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Anirban’s Top Stock for September 2022

7investing Lead Advisor Anirban Mahanti’s top stock to buy in September 2022 is the leader in its field with its applications and services among the most popular in the world.

September 1, 2022

7investing Lead Advisor Anirban Mahanti’s September 2022 recommendation is a giant, with growth at scale, and copious free cash flow. The company is using its leadership position to not only widen its lead. It is also going ahead and fostering investments in new arenas, in some cases to win share in growing new markets, while in other cases to find the next big thing. The current macroeconomic concerns, however, have stoked fears of a potential slowdown in the segment that is this company’s bread and butter. Those fears along with the general pessimism in the stock market, in my opinion, is giving patient long-term focussed investors an opportunity to buy this classic blue chip growth stock at value-like prices.


I think it is quite appropriate that I get to introduce my September 2022 recommendation from Newtown in Kolkata India. It is appropriate because the company I am recommending for September, its applications and services are just as popular in India, as they are in Australia or America. For a matter of fact, across the whole world! This is a company that has a moat that is probably among the largest in the world. And it is a company whose moat is becoming larger and larger over time. It is a company that is hugely popular in developing countries as it is in developed countries. It is a company which has got so many other bets on the line that one of them could turn out to be the next big thing. And it already has the current big thing! I think this is an unlikely recommendation coming from my end but I think the current stock market volatility gives us a huge opportunity to buy this behemoth at an excellent price. I think for long-term investors this has the potential to deliver stupendous market-beating returns. 

This is Anirban Mahanti for 7investing signing out from Kolkata in India.

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