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Artificial Intelligence in Sports Betting with Kelly Brooks, CEO of Quarter4

September 16, 2021 – By Samantha Bailey

Sports betting has been a bit of a holy grail for investors. It’s an area that clearly presents a lot of opportunities, but it’s also a crowded space where many of the top players have struggled to have a differentiated product.

Quarter4 CEO Kelly Brooks brings a different perspective to the space. She’s a technology leader who has driven the development of hundreds of innovative software applications across North America. A self-professed outsider in the sports world, Brooks saw an opportunity to deploy artificial intelligence (AI) to sports betting producing not just predictive analytics, but content, and data for bettors, gambling sites, and even sports broadcasting.

Brooks brought a wealth of technology experience and an outsider’s perspective to a world that still has a lot of roots in smokey backrooms where mysterious old men serve as bookmakers. Quarter4 has used AI to create actionable intelligence across the entire sports world. Yes, this data can be used in the gambling world, but it also has value to scouting departments looking for an edge. This is AI as an evolution of “Moneyball,” and, while it’s still the very early days for Brooks and her company, it’s clear that she sits on the edge of a new frontier in sports and gambling.

Sports betting and the potential for AI in the space was the core topic Brooks discussed when she joined Dan Kline on the 7investing podcast.


0:03 Introduction

0:43 Background on Quarter4 CEO Kelly Brooks

1:30 The changing perspective on gambling

2:03 What does Quarter4 do?

2:45 How Quarter4 began using AI as a prediction engine

4:18 Wait, no sports background?

5:41 Disrupting by having no preconceived notions

6:05 Is this a tipping point for analytics?

6:51 How is Quarter4’s data used

7:24 Could this tech work in other areas (like investing)?

8:08 Where does the sports world stand now?

8:38 How do you find the right data in a sea of data?

11:02 Will AI help create new sports stats metrics?

12:43 Are teams open to using AI?

13:36 The pace of sports betting legalization

14:53 What role do people play in parsing AI data?

16:29 What’s the growth path for Quarter4?

19:15 Where do you see the sports betting market going?

21:45 As a woman CEO working in sports, do you consider what it means to the next generation?

23:41 Is part of the goal teaching people how to place sports bets?

25:57 Closing

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