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Austin’s Top Stock for July

7investing Advisor Austin Lieberman's recommendation for July helps web pages load faster, on-demand movies stream seamlessly, and e-Commerce sites update instantly.

July 1, 2020

Advisor: Austin Lieberman

7investing Advisor Austin Lieberman’s recommendation this month has become more important than ever to their customers after COVID-19. They help their customers’ web pages load faster, on-demand movies stream seamlessly, and e-Commerce sites update instantly which are all critical as business becomes more digital

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Hey investors! I’m 7investing advisor Austin Lieberman. Here at 7investing, our team of advisors finds our best 7 ideas in the stock market every month and provides them to our subscribers for just $17. We also have an annual option for $399 per year.

Here at 7investing we have 7investing principles that guide our investing process. My recommendation this month emphasizes our 6th principle: “Find One of a Kind Companies.”

One of a kind companies spend years developing their products, building their teams, and establishing credibility in their industries. If we can find one of a kind companies early in their life cycle, invest in them, add to them, and hold on to them as investments over time, the results can be astounding.

With that in mind, I’m re-recommending the same company I recommended in March 2020 that’s up more than 250% since I recommended it just four months ago. This company helps customers like Shopify, Spotify, and even Amazon deliver modern, customized applications for their users located all across the globe.

Although COVID-19 has negatively impacted a lot of companies across the globe, this company’s CEO believes the unfortunate pandemic has actually strengthened this company’s business.

This company displays all the signs of being a one of a kind company. And with less than a $10 billion dollar market cap, making it just 1/100th the size of Amazon, I believe they’re just getting started.

To see the name of the company I’m recommending this month and get access to my full report, click the link at the bottom of this video or head to to start your membership today!