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Austin’s Top Stock for June

Austin Lieberman's Top Stock for June is helping to secure their customers' most sensitive data.

June 1, 2020

Advisor: Austin Lieberman

Nearly every security breach that has made global news has had two things in common: The victims had both a firewall and an anti-virus solution. Cyber-crime is a massive industry and threat actors target governments and businesses from every sector to steal intellectual property, manufacturing secrets, and impede critical operations which cost victims hundreds of billions of dollars every year.

Austin Lieberman’s Top Stock for June is helping organizations protect their most sensitive information from these bad actors.

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I’m 7investing Advisor Austin Lieberman. Here at 7investing, our team finds our 7 best ideas in the stock market every month, and recommends them to our members for just $17.

My recommendation this month is focused on redefining the cybersecurity industry with technology that’s simple to use, customizable to specific customer needs, and most importantly, constantly collects data and uses artificial intelligence to improve security on a regular basis and quickly for all of its customers.

Cyber crime is a serious problem. In 2019, there were more than 1,400 data breaches in the US alone which resulted in 164 million sensitive records exposed.

As more companies across the globe shift to a remote work model, they significantly increase the risk of a security breach because hundreds of thousands of workers beginning to access sensitive information from outside of their normal workplace which presents unique security challenges.

Multinational organizations like Goldman Sachs, Mercedes, and even the Pokemon company, use my pick’s technology to protect their workers, which in turn protects their most sensitive data.

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