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Austin’s Top Stock for May

7investing advisor Austin Lieberman's Top Stock for May is a digital entertainment company that is pioneering the way the world consumes media.

May 1, 2020

Advisor: Austin Lieberman

For nearly twenty years, a certain company has helped pave the way for consumers to watch TV on their own terms. Millions of people are making the decision to cut their traditional TV subscriptions move to streaming. This powerful shift allows customers to watch what they want, when they want to and only pay for the content they want with no long-term contracts.

After investing heavily in their devices and industry-leading software platform, 7investing advisor Austin Lieberman’s Top Stock for May is positioned to extend its lead as America’s leading streaming platform.


Hey investors! I’m 7investing Lead Advisor Austin Lieberman. Here at 7investing, our team finds out seven best ideas in the stock market every month and provides them to our subscribers for just $17.

My top idea for May 2020 is an entertainment company that has spent more than a decade pioneering new technology that has fundamentally changed the way the world consumes media. This generational shift was already underway before the coronavirus pandemic, but has gained even more momentum as consumers around the world have been forced to change their daily habits. With that change comes massive opportunity.

With millions of customers who spend hundreds of millions of hours a year on its devices, this company is a leader in its field by a wide margin. These numbers sound impressive, and they are, but we are still in the early days of this massive trend. The marketplace that this company operates in grew by 40% in 2019, and is expected to grow by more than 50% by 2021.

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