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Dana’s Top Stock for October 2021

7investing Lead Advisor Dana Abramovitz's top stock to buy in October 2021 is an instrument company that supports scientists in making new discoveries.

October 1, 2021

Advisor: Dana Abramovitz

7investing Lead Advisor Dana Abramovitz’s recommendation this month is an industry veteran not only assists the life sciences industry where they are today, but it also innovates and collaborates to lead change into the future. A renewed investment into R&D and a growing business unit that aligns with an expanding market will help it retain its market leadership position.


When baking cookies, you often think about the outcome and not the equipment you used to make them. However, I love my mixer as much as I love these almond cookies. Mmmmmm!

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My recommendation this month makes the instruments and tools scientists need to make new discoveries and bring new products and drugs to market.

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