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Dan’s Top Stock for July 2021

7investing Lead Advisor Dan Kline's Top Stock to buy in July 2021 is a lifestyle company that offers affordable indulgence consumers are happy to pay for.

July 1, 2021

Advisor: Daniel Kline

Retail has largely become a game of winners and losers. My July stock pick has been a clear winner which has increased its audience and built an even stronger relationship with its customers during the pandemic.

This company has been a steady winner that gets stronger every quarter. It’s a simple business model that gives the brand a powerful base from which to grow upon.

There’s every reason to believe that 7investing Lead Advisor Dan Kline’s Top Stock for July will continue to grow even as the pandemic slowly recedes. This company will benefit from some of the long-term changes caused by the national crisis and it will continue to grow profits as tbe added costs of COVID mitigation become a thing of the past.


My stock pick for July occupies a unique space in the retail world. It’s a brand that has a deep connection to its customers that grew even stronger during the pandemic. This company goes toe-to-toe with some of the biggest retailers in the world and not only holds it own, but thrives.

I’m Dan Kline, Lead Advisor for 7investing. My July stock recommendation has shown the value of long-term planning and being able to adapt when circumstances change. This retailer has a strong connection to its customers and that makes it very hard for any of its rivals to compete.

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