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Dan’s Top Stock for October 2021

7investing Lead Advisor Dan Kline's top stock to buy in October 2021 has become a leader in its space that’s incredibly well-positioned to remain a market leader for the long term.

October 1, 2021

Advisor: Daniel Kline

A clear winner in a space where the top companies continue to put distance between their brands and struggling companies in the space, my October pick has managed to carve out a broad niche in a crowded space. It’s a brand that people truly like which continues to evolve and find new ways to broaden its appeal.

My October pick has gone from struggling with a questionable future to being a market leader in under a decade. That’s largely due to its innovative management which has been willing to make heavy investments in the future which has proven to be the difference between success and failure in its area of operation.


My stock pick for October has become a big winner in a space where there are a lot of losers. The pandemic has not only shown just how strong the company has become, but it has also helped it gain new customers while strengthening its relationship with its existing audience. This is a mature brand with a huge audience that still has a lot of room for growth.

I’m Dan Kline, Lead Advisor for 7investing. My October stock recommendation has shown the value of making a steady, heavy investment in your brand. This is a company that has made the tough choices while also making smart partnerships and constantly evolving in a market where many of its rivals have failed to do so.

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