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FIRE Tips… and an NVIDIA sell? | No Limit With Krzysztof & Luke, ep. 19

June 13, 2023

In episode 19 of No Limit, Luke and Krzysztof focus on Nvidia. It’s overvalued, so you should sell! But selling a great company is often the most expensive mistake investors make, so you should hold! But AI runs on Nvidia and AI is just getting started, so you should buy!

If this kind of investing complexity makes your head spin, tune in to hear us frame this kind of difficulty into principles and a process you can follow with confidence.

As a special bonus, Luke puts Krzysztof in the student’s chair and surprises him with a quiz about Nvidia. Does Krzysztof flunk or does he know a thing or two about? We discuss the investing lessons aplenty in the movie Air about Nike’s courtship of Michael Jordan, and Luke schools Krzysztof about innovation at Nike headquarters. Sometimes shoes are not just shoes. With the Apple reveal of its Augmented Reality device 45 minutes into the future, we captured a predictive time-capsule of what we thought Apple might reveal and what that signifies about the upcoming metaverse. How quickly has this segment aged? What did we get right and wrong? Aiming to retire early? Luke, our resident James Bond on a motorcycle, not only talks the talk, but walks the walk and offers insights into making that dream a reality. If you missed episodes 17 & 18, we also recap our insightful conversation with Krishna Bahirwani and how to approach investing in India, which we see as a massive opportunity in the coming decades.

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