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Happy Valentine’s Day! You Will LOVE Our February Best Buys

7investing shares some Valentine's Day love with its February Best Buys in the stock market.

February 14, 2024

Happy Valentine’s Day 2024!

We’d like to share the love with you through our February Best Buys. These are the stocks we believe to be the market’s most-timely current opportunities.

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Interested in which five stocks we chose this month?

Here’s a sneak peek of what our advisors had to say about their Best Buys, from our 7investing Subscriber Call on February 8th. If you’re an active 7investing subscriber, you can directly access our Best Buys update by clicking right here.

Dana Abramovitz’s Mid Cap Health Care Best Buy

Dana: “The reason why I chose this one is that I feel like it’s a little bit under the radar, but it’s been doing really well recently. And there’s certainly a lot of needs. So as markets are adjusting, and the macro economy is making it that much harder for the biotechs to do their own clinical research. So they work with a company like [this company], that has the relationships and the knowledge throughout the whole clinical process and is actually a better investment.

I think it’s under the radar and starting to get to get noticed. So that’s why I chose that as my best buy.”

See Dana’s most recent recommendation report of this company

Simon Erickson’s Small Cap Semiconductor Best Buy

Simon: The company that I’m going to go with for my February Best Buy is one I’ve been talking about a lot lately. There are certainly risks and the bad news is that the stock has been selling off. I’ve mentioned earlier in this call a lot of the headwinds that the electric vehicle market is facing.

But the good news is that narrative that’s out there is out of touch with what we’re actually seeing in terms of the performance of the company. They’re executing very well. They’re getting more and more of these long term supply agreements, and they keep announcing more wins.

I ran a discounted cash flow on this. And this is where things get really interesting.

When I ran my DCF for [this company], it implies 160% upside from where the stock is at today. If my assumptions are even directionally correct, this one to me is a multibagger from today’s pricing.

See Simon’s most recent recommendation report of this company

Luke Hallard’s Mid Cap Industrial Best Buy

Luke: “[This company] has now got a line of products available which are targeted at a frontline retail workers. Suddenly, they’re stepping outside of their lane, and taking a technology that they’re just really good at and making it available to everybody.

And it just makes a lot of sense to me. So I like the direction they’re going in. The company is announcing earnings in just about two weeks time. I think we’re going to see a nice surprise for investors.”

See Luke’s most recent recommendation report of this company

Anirban Mahanti’s Mid Cap Software Best Buy

Anirban: [This company’s] earnings looked good to me. They came in ahead of what they had guided for, and I think that you can just chalk that to just being conservative with guidance. The guidance for next year stays as they had done in q3 and I think there’s upside to the guidance.

The stock looks really cheap to me, if they can execute on this. And they look like it looks like they’re trying to time the buybacks as well. You know, about 90% of the stock buybacks were done after the q3 announcement, which I think is pretty interesting.

I think because its valuation is just dirt cheap. It’s higher risk than I thought it was before, but the valuation is just not much baked in, in terms of growth required to execute. I think this is a serious multibagger from here.

See Anirban’s most recent recommendation report of this company

Krzysztof Piekarski’s Small Cap Energy Best Buy

Krzysztof: “[This company] is further along and it’s more of a sure thing. They have absolutely top notch people getting the job done. And today they released one of their factory updates; they are going to be either on time or ahead of schedule. And that the yields they were getting off the line were in the high 90s. This is like the Holy Grail of manufacturing.

The other thing I was thinking is I’ve been ingesting a lot of Apple Vision Pro content and I see that battery thing dangling. There’s the market for innovative batteries. It is going to be astoundingly huge.”

See Krzysztof’s most recent recommendation report of this company

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