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Introducing the 7investing Referral Program!

Come see how 7investing's new Referral Program can help you share the love of investing with others and also earn free future months!

August 18, 2020

Advisor: 7investing Team

7investing’s mission is to empower you to invest in your future. Each month, our team of stock-picking advisors enjoys finding and sharing the market’s greatest opportunities with you.

We believe that love of investing is also meant to be shared with others. So this morning, we have some exciting news to announce.

Starting today, we’ll be launching our new 7investing Referral Program. This program will award free future months of 7investing to any subscribers who refer others to join our service!

We’re hoping this Referral Program will help us continue to spread the wealth-compounding power of individual investing all across the world. We also hope it will bring the market’s best stock ideas into the conversations of a few new cocktail parties, backyard barbecues, and virtual Zoom gatherings.

Here are three important details that describe how our program will work:

One Free Month per New Referral 

Any existing 7investing subscriber will receive one free future month for each confirmed new subscriber that they successfully refer. And the person you sign up will also receive $10 off their first order.

Existing 7investing subscribers now have a custom referral link that shows up within your My Account dashboard. You can share this link directly with others. We’ve also provided pre-populated Twitter and Facebook posts, to make sharing even easier!

Anyone who signs up for 7investing using those custom referral links will automatically credit your subscription with one free future month per new subscriber. The free months will start adding up immediately. You can track how many you’ve acquired within the same dashboard.

So for anyone who signs up using your link: It’s one free month for you and $10 off for them. Annual subscribers will see the free months accumulate and extend their current subscription term.

Unique New Users

Our program will only apply to unique users; i.e. those who haven’t previously had a 7investing subscription.

We’re always glad to welcome back subscribers who joined 7investing in the past. But for our Referral Program’s purposes, free months will only be awarded for signing up unique new users.

Unlimited Free Month Potential

And finally, there’s no limit to the number of free months you can receive. Referring one new subscriber would award you one free month, 12 new subscribers would award a full year, and 120 new users would award you 10 free years! There’s absolutely no cap to this program. Please feel free to rack up as many free future months as you like.

So in summary:

1) Log in to your My Account dashboard

2) Share your custom referral link with others

3) Start earning free future months

We’re proud and excited to launch this new program and can’t wait to see it make an impact on our mission. Thank you for your continued support of 7investing. Please send us questions to

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Video Transcript

I’m 7investing founder and CEO Simon Erickson, here with an exciting announcement.

At 7investing, our mission is to empower you to invest in your future. We believe the stock market is a wealth compounding machine – which can enable your future retirement, education, vacation, or whatever else it is that might be in your future plans.

But we also believe the knowledge of investing is something that’s meant to be shared with others – including your own friends and family. And that’s why we’re excited today to launch our very own 7investing Referral Program!

We want this program to be a way for you to share your love of investing with others, while offering you both an incentive for continuing to support our company.

The full details of the program are included below. But I’d like to quickly highlight three key points.

1) The first is that we’ll provide one month free for each active new subscriber that you refer to 7investing. And for the person that you sign up, it’s $10 off of their very first order.

Logistically, each of our subscribers now has a custom referral link within the “My Account” dashboard when you are logged into our site. Anyone who signs up for 7investing using that link will get you one month free and them $10 off their first order.

2) Secondly, the referral program will only apply to unique new users who have not previously had a subscription to 7investing. We’re always glad to welcome anyone back but will only be awarding free months for unique new subscribers.

3) And thirdly, there is absolutely no limit to the number of free months that you can receive. If you refer one new member to 7investing, that’s one month free for you. If you refer 12 new members to 7investing, that’s a full year of 7investing. There’s simply no cap to this program.

We believe that our Referral Program is a great way for you to be able to share your love of investing with others. It’s also a great way for us to reward our subscribers for helping us keep our own marketing costs low. And that allows us to price 7investing at only $49 per month.

We’re thankful for everyone who has supported 7investing in our journey thus far. We look forward to continuing to find the stock market’s greatest opportunities every month – for you, for your friends, and for your family – to empower you all to invest in your future!