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Partnership shows stocks and crypto are two sides of the same (Bit)coin

January 13, 2021

Partnership shows stocks and crypto are two sides of the same (Bit)coin

7investing Founder and CEO Simon Erickson announced a new collaboration with cryptocurrency analysis site CryptoEQ in a special announcement on 7investing Now on Monday.

“I put myself on somewhat of a quest for the past six months to a year to find a company that I really respected and trusted to answer questions about cryptocurrencies,” said Simon during the announcement. “I’m very excited to announce that I’ve found that company.”

The collaboration will allow investors to subscribe to both sites for a discounted price. 7investing viewers who subscribe to CryptoEQ.io will receive $10 off their first month. CryptoEQ viewers who subscribe to 7investing through their promo link will also receive a $10 discount. This means subscribers can try both sites and receive $20 off their first month.

“I certainly am a believer in cryptocurrencies,” Simon said during the announcement. “I think that there is a long term trend that we are in the very early innings of with this.”

CryptoEQ.io is a platform dedicated to simplifying the dizzying complexity of cryptocurrency markets for individual investors. The company offers analysis, dashboards, and 1-on-1 consultations to clients to help them make sound decisions based on their guidelines for evaluating cryptocurrencies. During Monday’s 7investingNow, CryptoEQ founder and CEO Spencer Randall said the commitment to educating investors is the cornerstone of both companies

“I think a nice analogue is what you do at 7investing,” explained Spencer. “When you venture out to invest in stocks, it behooves you to do your diligence and have sound research … I think it’s a really good principle to match whatever investment you’re going to do with your own time with … tools like 7investing.com or CryptoEQ.io to further your potential returns and your understanding of market.”

7investing is dedicated to empowering individuals to invest in their future by providing them information on public companies in the stock market. Each month, the site’s analysts each offer subscribers a detailed breakdown of their top stock in the market to buy at that time. The company also produces the 7investing Now live stream and the 7investing podcast to help educate investors on how to navigate the stock market. On Monday’s 7iNow!, Simon said the more he looked at CryptoEQ, the more he saw a company that shared that mission – only with a focus on a different space in the investing universe.

“One thing I really like about CryptoEQ is you actually do the homework,” said Simon. “You actually are doing some very thorough analysis into digging into crypto.”

“Just like equities, there are three market pillars that we look at:  fundamentals, sentiment and technicals,” said Spencer. “So at CryptoEQ.io you can see all three aspects wrapped into one dashboard.”

To officially launch the partnership, both companies have promo codes that give $10 off the other company’s membership plans. Click the links below to subscribe to both and empower your investing (and crypto) journey today!

  • For anyone signing up for CryptoEQ, use “7investing” to get $10 off the first month
  • For anyone signing up for 7investing, use “CryptoEQ” to get $10 off the first month
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