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Krzysztof’s Top Stock for August 2022

7investing Lead Advisor Krzysztof’s Top Stock to Buy in August is a Non-stop innovator integrating the most essential parts of the modern internet, while growing revenues at a staggeringly fast and durable rate.

August 1, 2022

The modern internet requires hardware infrastructure, security tools, monitoring tools, developer tools, and a way for customers to build their online presence without worrying how all these things come together. When you add the necessity of speed to the equation, there’s only one company that is innovating across all these facets to help build a better internet for all. 7investing Lead Advisor Krzysztof Piekarski’s first pick has the potential to keep serving and growing its internet dependent customer base for as long as the internet keeps evolving.


I’m Krzysztof Piekarski, lead advisor for 7investing.

This is my first ever pick for the team. I could have picked any public facing company, but I went with this one because its mission statement to help make a better internet is so crucial. It’s trying to do so many things and is doing them exceptionally well: making it more secure, making it faster, helping developers, and inventing new markets for itself over and over and over again.

It has long term durability in front of it. It’s got a growth rate that is so fast and so steady, and I could see it growing for years. It’s led by a fireball of a CEO who’s not afraid to throw down his gloves and mix it up with the competition. To take it to them and say “Hey, we could do this better.”

And they are doing it better. The stock price is down over 70% from the highs. Before, you had to pay some insane premiums to be an owner of this company. No longer today. That’s why I’m making it my first ever pick for 7investing in August 2022. We are empowering you to invest in your future!

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