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Krzysztof’s Top Stock for October 2022

7investing Lead Advisor Krzysztof’s Top Stock to Buy in October is a company growing revenue at triple digits, with a business that has multiple ways to win during rough macroeconomic conditions.

October 1, 2022

Few businesses have a product that is needed by all businesses, but 7investing lead advisor Krzysztof Piekarski has found one that does exactly that. With deep and far-ranging alliances and partnerships, it is expanding its network into the millions, creating the kind of data flow that will make its products even better. Sometimes boring is boring, but this boring business is essential and by offering its clients immense value during hard times, the value proposition only grows. Don’t leave your back-office without it.


My October pick is a company that once sold at insane multiples because its potential is so high. It currently captured about 2% of a market which includes pretty much all businesses. As a business owner, it will save you time. It will save you money. It will make your life more efficient. It doesn’t cost a fortune. And your business needs its help. No wonder why it has elite Net dollar based retention of over 130%. 

As the winds of macro howl louder and louder, I’m focusing on bringing you companies that have the potential to thrive under terrible conditions. 

Its growth metrics are staggering and appear sustainable for a long, long time to come. It has world-class partnerships and a network affect that makes adding new customers by thousands incredibly efficient and quickly profitable. And its a rather boring but mandatory-type industry, so it flies under the radar. 

Find out what I’m talking about on October 1st. This is Krzysztof Piekarski, lead advisor for 7investing, empowering you to invest in your future.

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