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Looking for New Stock Ideas? The “Market Game” Challenge is Empowering Others!

7investing affiliate partner Nathan Worden recently hosted a "Market" stock pitching game to an external audience. We love what he's doing and think it's directly aligned with our mission of empowering others. See the 6 stocks that his contestants pitched and why they could be intriguing investment opportunities.

December 16, 2021

This article was written by 7investing affiliate partner Nathan Worden, who appears by invitation as our guest writer this week. The author or the contestants of his game may have positions in the companies that are mentioned and these are not to be interpreted as official 7investing recommendations.

To learn more about Nathan’s stock-picking game, please click here. If you would be interested in becoming an affiliate partner of 7investing, please let us know. Or if you’d like to continue the conversation about stocks you’re interested in, please join our new Community Forum!

“The Market” Stock Pitching Game

“The Market” is a community organized stock pitching game held live over Zoom every month. The goal of the game is to empower and inspire investors to do their own research. We believe that investing can be fun and rewarding— especially when surrounded by other smart, curious people!

The game is set up in a bracket-style competition with each competitor getting three minutes to give an investment pitch before answering to “The Market” (aka the audience) about questions and concerns for their company. After each round the audience votes on the pitch that was the most convincing investment on a 3-5 year time horizon.

The game has been held every month since December 2020, and in recent games we’ve been able to offer a $100 prize to the winning pitch of the night. All pitches are uploaded and can be viewed on Youtube.

The most recent game was held Saturday Dec. 11th, with Tyler Okland emerging victorious with his pitch of Opendoor. A special surprise and treat of the night was Simon Erickson of 7investing attended and gave notes on all of the pitches! (He also generously donated a free 7investing coffee mug to everyone in attendance!)

Here’s a teaser for each of the six pitches from our game in December 2021. Be on the lookout for each of the full pitches with Q&A to be uploaded to Youtube in the coming days.


Opendoor (Nasdaq: OPEN) by Tyler Okland

Opendoor is a company iBuying and selling houses that Tyler Okland projects can 15x their revenue growth over the next three years.


Unity by Investor From Nepal

Unity is an interactive content platform that Investor From Nepal thinks could return 300%-600% over the next eight years.


Redwire by Taylor Sulik

Taylor Sulik pitched Redwire as a space conglomerate company looking to accelerate the infrastructure needed for human expansion into space. Some estimates put the space market at $2 Trillion by 2040.


Matterport by Seena Hassouna

Architech Seena Hassouna presented Matterport as a SaaS and hardware business that transforms real-life spaces into immersive 3 dimensional digital twin models.


Microsoft by Joe Prusinski

Dinosaur, dividend payer, old world tech and… growth company! Joe Prusinski says Microsoft is the forgotten FANG, but we’re replacing the FANG acronym with MANAMANA. You’ll have to watch the Q&A to hear how that one is pronounced! 🙂


Pinterest by Neil (Couch Investor)

Neil (Couch Investor) says Pinterest is not your ordinary social media platform. Native checkout could change the game here. Good for users, great for sellers, and incredible for advertisers.

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