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Manisha’s Top Stock for December

7investing advisor Manisha Samy's Top Stock for December is empowering the development and commercialization of novel genomic medicines.

December 1, 2020

Advisor: Manisha Samy

The evolution of science and biotechnology over the past few decades has given rise to “modern medicine.”

Punctuated by increased research and development productivity and driven by genomic technologies, modern medicine is at a key inflection point where patient disease —including cancer — can be reversed. In the burgeoning area of genomics medicines, immunotherapy has witnessed the greatest commercial success. There is an arms race amongst therapeutics companies, each vying for a piece of the $465 billion cancer immunotherapy market opportunity.

7investing Lead Advisor Manisha Samy’s Top Stock for December is an overlooked pioneer who has a robust IP portfolio, first-mover advantage, and scalable manufacturing process to claim a lead in the immunotherapy arms race.

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Hello everyone. I am 7investing lead advisor Manisha Samy and this is my first stock recommendation with the team!

My pick this month is a favorite of mine. While often overlooked, this founder-led company pioneered the platform technologies that are empowering the development and commercialization of novel genomic medicines that are meant to disrupt the current paradigm of treating cancer patients.

We are talking about potential cures for late-stage cancer patients. Patients who would otherwise have no other alternative options. I believe the combination of the proprietary and partner clinical programs, best-in-class in-house manufacturing capabilities, as well as their leading intellectual property position in cell therapy and genetic engineering will lead to major value creation and transform the company.

This company is at a critical inflection point and is well-positioned to deliver results within the coming year. But most importantly, it will offer an accessible, low-cost, and potentially curative therapy option to cancer patients.

Guys and gals, December is a month of giving and preparing for the new year. For new investors and veterans alike, we’d like to empower you to invest in your future! If you’d like to gain access to the full report on this company, along with 6 other recommendations, please click the link at the bottom of this video or visit to start your subscription with us just for $49 per month.

Until then, happy holidays!