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Manisha’s Top Stock for February 2021

7investing Lead Advisor Manisha Samy's Top Stock for February is a company that is completely re-defining the healthcare landscape with the democratization of genetic information.

February 1, 2021

Advisor: Manisha Samy

In the US alone, more than $4 trillion is spent on healthcare each year. However, 25% is lost to waste due to unnecessary tests and poor prognostic outcomes. The importance of properly priced access to genomic information cannot be understated to herald in an era of truly personalized medicine.

7investing Lead Advisor Manisha Samy’s Top Stock for February is a company operating in a saturated market, but one that is witnessing exponential growth.

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Manisha Samy

Hello everyone, I am 7investing lead advisor Manisha Samy. And my pick for February is a tad bit different than what I usually recommend. My February pick is another founder-led company, but it is in the realm of medical diagnostics. And it is well on its way to outpacing others in the field.

Medical genetics is critical, as approximately 20% of the world’s illness and disease outcomes are rooted in genetics. While there is a plethora of diagnostic companies, this company was the first to truly disrupt the business model to bring high accuracy and low cost tests to its customers.

In order to solve a problem, you must understand the root cause of it. By aggressively investing into its platform, the company has focused on building volume of test accessioned with the idea that in the future, the actual cost per test won’t matter to the business but the number of people who have their genome sequenced will, and that will drive its growth. This is a clinical grade test. Unlike what you would get from understanding just your genealogy, for example, we are moving towards personalized medicine. And no doubt this is the only diagnostics company that I see that is aiming to become the “Amazon of genetic testing” with end to end management.

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