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Manisha’s Top Stock for March 2021

Manisha's Top Stock for March 2021 is an under-the-radar microbiome company with a revolutionary technology platform.

March 1, 2021

Advisor: Manisha Samy

A lot of attention is being paid to the potential of genomics to improve human health — and rightfully so — but the various microbiomes that cultivate a human body play a significant, perhaps outsized, role as well. The ability to alter the gut microbiome, lung microbiome, or tumor microbiome could represent a paradigm shift in treating various diseases and cancers. 7investing Lead Advisor Manisha Samy’s March 2021 recommendation is developing a technology platform that provides unparalleled precision in targeting human microbiomes, avoids the obstacles of antibiotic resistance, and shortens drug development timelines.

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Hello everyone! I am 7investing Lead Advisor Manisha Samy and my pick for March is a clinical stage therapeutics company utilizing a unique modality of treating, and potentially reversing disease…from gastrointestinal disorders to skin disorders and from cancer to rare liver diseases.

My March pick is another platform technology company harnessing the power of microbiotics to influence health states. We are more bacteria than humans. There are over 130x more bacterial genes in and on our bodies than our own human genomes. Research shows that the composition of such bacteria significantly impacts our health. While there are good bacteria, there are also bad, pathogenic bacteria that compromise our health, or even hinder the impact of checkpoint inhibitors in treating certain cancers.

My March pick has a multivariable approach in addressing diseases states; moreover, it can help patient’s amenability to certain treatments based on specific microbiome signatures.

We are more than the sum of our parts, but sometimes, a single part dictates our health status. This company is addressing that missing piece and has shown compelling evidence.

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