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Matt’s Top Stock for August

7investing advisor Matt Cochrane's Top Stock for August operates in a critical industry with high inside ownership and attention to company culture, a potent mix that has rewarded shareholders with market-beating returns for decades.

August 1, 2020

Advisor: Matthew Cochrane

In an economically uncertain environment, investors need to look for a steady business that does not depend on a rosy economic outlook, has the right culture, high inside ownership, and a proven strategy to profitably grow.

Though not an easy task, 7investing advisor Matthew Cochrane’s August recommendation might check off all these boxes. The result is a resilient company that has rewarded shareholders tremendously since going public.

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I’m Matthew Cochrane, lead advisor at 7investing, where we empower you to invest in your future by providing seven fully researched stock recommendation reports every month.

You might wonder why I’m sitting in the middle of my yard. Well, I’m just watching my grass grow. I have to admit, it’s a little boring. And when I stare at it, second by second, I can’t really tell if it’s growing or not.

But if I went inside and came back in a week, between the South Florida sun and summer thunderstorms we get, I would be able to tell that my grass grew quite a bit.

My stock recommendation this month is a little like that. It’s admittedly a boring company performing a necessary but very unexciting function. With growth that can be hard to measure, if you stare at stock prices every day.

Yet, when you look back at its stock performance over decades, you see that it has decidedly outperformed the market. Because of this company’s critical nature, acquisition strategy, and business culture, I believe it will continue its record of outperformance.

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I’m Matthew Cochrane. We’re 7investing. And we’re here to empower you to invest in your future!