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Matt’s Top Stock for January 2022

7investing Lead Advisor Matthew Cochrane’s top stock to buy in January 2022 is an entertainment giant that can offer experiences and services in a post-COVID world that few can match.

January 1, 2022

Advisor: Matthew Cochrane

With new variants, breakthrough cases, and possibly milder symptoms, it’s almost impossible to know how long COVID-19 will continue to have a material impact on consumer behavior. What can be certain, is that consumer demand for fun and entertainment will be stronger than ever as the pandemic’s effects lessen. This company’s unique assets position it well to capture this demand.


Through its first eight days after its release, Spiderman: No Way Home made $405 million domestically and was poised to cross $1 billion globally on Christmas Day, one of the biggest openings for a movie ever. This proves that in a post-COVID world, or even a world still struggling to deal with the pandemic’s nagging presence, consumers are thirsting for entertainment as an escape from everyday life.

Hi, I’m Matthew Cochrane, a lead advisor at 7investing. My recommendation this month has a base of assets that consumers have turned to time and again to scratch that need for entertainment itch. These assets have stood the test of time and developed a devoted fan base and giving this company a beloved brand around the world.

Despite these obvious competitive advantages, this company is still judged for what it used to be, not what it has become. I believe this has created an opportunity for patient investors to take a position that will provide market-beating returns in the years to come.

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I’m Matthew Cochrane, we’re 7investing, and we’re here to empower you to invest in your future.