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Matt’s Top Stock for March 2022

7investing Lead Advisor Matthew Cochrane’s top stock to buy in March 2022 plays a pivotal role in the financial world, giving it incredible pricing power and making the thought of it being replaced nearly unfathomable.

March 1, 2022

Advisor: Matthew Cochrane

My March 2022 recommendation’s economic moat against potential competitors is wide, cementing its market share in a lucrative industry. With an operating margin that is expected to clear 50% soon, this business should continue to steadily grow and pump out cash that can be used for smart, tuck-in acquisitions or returned to shareholders.


The financial industry is boring, filled with businesses, such as banks and insurance companies, that earn a collective yawn from Wall Street.

Hi, I’m Matthew Cochrane, lead advisor at 7investing.  My stock recommendation this month is a boring business in a boring industry. But this company is such an integral part of the financial sector, that certain elements of the industry could not function without it. This utter dependence on this company has given it the ability to predictably raise prices year after year.

The result is a company with a wide economic moat, high margins, and past returns that are anything but boring.

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I’m Matthew Cochrane, we’re 7investing, and we’re here to empower you to invest in your future.