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Maxx’s Top Stock for August 2021

7investing Lead Advisor Maxx Chatsko's Top Stock for August 2021 is building one of the most versatile technology platforms in genetic medicines. He thinks this under-the-radar stock has the best 10X potential of any he's ever identified.

August 1, 2021

Advisor: Maxx Chatsko

Investors have become enamored with the potential of genetic medicines. mRNA tools have swiftly risen to the challenge of the pandemic. In June 2021, the first in vivo CRISPR gene editing data knocked it out of the park. By the end of 2021, the fifth drug based on RNA interference could be approved by the FDA. Gene therapies delivered with viral vectors have demonstrated surprising durability in long-term studies.

But all genetic medicines have limitations. The inability to target both DNA and RNA with a single platform, the swelling size of therapeutic payloads for enzymatic base editors and prime editors, and challenges delivering drugs to ex-liver tissues are just some of the primary obstacles facing most technology platforms. However, one tool in particular faces relatively few limitations — and 7investing Lead Advisor Maxx Chatsko’s Top Stock for August 2021 is the only company building it.


This might be the best chance for a 10-bagger I’ve ever found in my entire investing career.

Hey everyone, I’m 7investing Lead Advisor Maxx Chatsko. I cover biotechnology and renewable energy here at 7investing, where we empower you to invest in your future by giving you our seven best stock market opportunities each and every month, each backed by the domain competence of one of our lead advisors.

My recommendation for August 2021 is a drug developer most investors have never heard about, but it could make a splash if management executes and clinical data hit the mark.

This technology platform has some of the best versatility and fewest limitations in all of genetic medicines. If drug candidates are designed properly, then they could combine some of the best attributes of antisense oligonucleotides, RNAi, gene editing, and base editing all in a single pipeline. This might sound too good to be true, but understanding the chemical advantages of the technology suggest this company really is worth a closer look.

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